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Become a protagonist of Korean Historical Dramas with beautiful traditional Hanbok
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Renting a hanbok in Seoul became a must-do activity for many Korean and foreign tourists in Seoul. That's why there are so many hanbok rental shops near the Gyeongbokgung and Anguk station. Today we would like to introduce you a hanbok rental shop where you can borrow the hanbok featured on Korean history dramas and old Korean paintings.  Studio KJD is the place to go if you are looking for a special hanbok. 

Seoul Tours |Gyengbokgung Hanbok Rental

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Rental Price

Hanbok Rental
2.5 Hour Rental
Hanbok, Innerwear, Socks, Embroidered Shoes, Jewelry, Basic Hairstyling all included.
Hanbok + Outdoor Photoshoot
1 Hour Rental (includes the 25-minutes outdoor photo shoot)
Hanbok, Innerwear, Socks, Embroidered Shoes, Jewelry, Basic Hairstyling, Retouch of Best 5 shots are also provided all included

Additional Services

Photoshop airbrushing and printing (1 photo)
Additional 10 photo shoots and print 1 photo
Add 1 hour of free time

Hanbok Remarks

Hanbok Size
 XS to 3XL(request for non-standard sizes on-site)
Children's Hanbok
Available for 4~5 years old (Inquire within for the other children's hanbok sizes)
Men's Hanbok
Men can only choose the luxury Korean Historical Drama package (₩ 45,000)
Men's luxury hanbok is called 'Dopo', which is the Korean outer robe. Dopo is far more luxurious and stylish than the Female one.
If you are looking for a cheaper option, please inquire the staff. 

Recommended Reasons

  1. At Studio KJD, you can try on special traditional Hanbok featured on Korean Historical Dramas. Studio KJD's quality of Hanbok cannot be compared with other stores. Their hanbok dresses are the ones that Korean people would wear at their traditional wedding ceremony. You can become a Korean Historical Drama protagonist and travel back in time.
  2. Studio KJD has an in-house beauty artist. She is the professional hairdresser who used to work in America, Australia, and Japan. Unlike other stores, you can get a professional hairstyling care at Studio KJD.
  3. Studio KJD takes high-quality photos. Studio KJD is a Hanbok rental store AND a photo studio. You can take the best pic of your day with Studio KJD's professional camera, lights, and props.
  4. At Studio KJD, there are huge mirrors and bright lights installed in both the fitting room and display room.  You can take pretty selfies wherever you are.

Business Information

  • Address:서울시 종로구 북촌로5가길 33 2층 201호
  • Business Hours:10:00 to 19:00
  • Tel:010-8655-2594 


 Chinese speaking staffs are in store on weekends. For weekdays, English speaking staffs are available.
 If you check in your bag, there is no need to make a deposit or leave your passport.
 Creatrip members can make a reservation at discounted price. Pre-payment needed.
Without completing the payment in advance, your reservation is still invalid.
100% Refund can be made 3 days before the reservation date. 

Reservation Process

  1. After making reservation, you can check the reservation status at "My reservation" after submitting the order form. If the button turns out to be green marked "Confirmed", your reservation is confirmed.
  2. If you want to modify the reservation date, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
  3. Present your reservation confirmation at the store to prove your booking by clicking the "Confirmed". It is your reservation confirmation.

    How to see whether your reservation is confirmed
    Reservation confirmation to be presented at the store

Business Location

Studio Address:서울시 종로구 북촌로5가길 33 2층 201호

Studio KJD Roadmap Directions

How to get to the studio from Exit 1 of the Anguk Station : Exit from the Angukstation Exit 1. Walk straight on the same side of the street as Shinhan Bank. Walk further straight down on the side of the street where Kiehl is. Studio KJD is on the second floor of the opposite side of the Ttbokki place (풍년쌀농산)
Studio KJD from the outside

Photo Review

In fact, it has become very trending for local Koreans to experience Hanboks with focus on tradition. 

I also personally like the fact that the ones they have focus on traditions than other stores. 

If you prefer not-too-fancy style, I think KJD is the right choice!

The above was a short overview of Studio KJD (금준당). Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please go to the Reservation FAQs or shoot us an email at   

If you need to change any details about your reservation, please make another reservation instead of modifying. Please read the information on the service and reservation and do not hesitate to contact us for further details.


Studio KJD
대한민국 서울특별시 종로구 삼청동 북촌로5가길 33

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Ming ChowfromHong Kong
2 months ago
超推薦呀!! 韓服很傳統 髮型比之前去過的韓服店都精緻很多 只是對於是路痴的我 比較難找到路LOL
여 문fromTainan
3 months ago
非常推薦,質感很好的傳統韓服,攝影也專業 對了~介紹路線要改一下因為,kiehls沒有了!
4 months ago
今純堂的社長是位非常年輕有自我想法的青年人, 有機會可以跟他聊聊為什麼想開這家店的初衷! 這裡的韓服穿起來給人的感覺真的很不一樣, 瞬間氣質加倍! 而且裝扮毫不馬虎, 會讓人有賓至如歸的感覺, 非常舒服~希望大家有機會也可以去穿上正統的傳統韓服
5 months ago