Seoul Perfume DIY Experience: GN Perfume Studio Myeongdong
Make your own fragrance at GN Perfume, Myeongdong
4 months ago
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Located in Myeongdong, GN Perfume Studio is the best DIY perfume workshop slash studio. GN Perfume studio offers a unique travel experience: you can create a scent that best represents you. GN Perfume is perfect for whom wants to create his or her own fragrance from scratch or make unique gifts to others. Make a free online reservation with GN Perfume studio via Creatrip.

Seoul Perfume Homemade DIY Perfume|Myeongdong GNPerfume

Homemade DIY Perfume|Free Online Reservation

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Service Price

Perfume DIY₩50,000

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Service Details

Service Overview
Make a bottle of your own homemade perfume(50ml)
Free of charge
Perfume gift packaging, perfume bottle

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Recommended Reasons

At GN Perfume, you can choose from over 100 basic fragrances. Follow your instructor's step-by-step instructions, and you will be able to create your unique fragrance by mixing different scents.

  1. After being taught by a professional instructor on perfume blending, you can start creating your unique fragrance. 
  2. Your fragrance will reflect who you are and be a perfect souvenir as well. 

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Business Information

  • Address:서울특별시 중구 명동2길 53 2F
  • Class time:Tuesdays to Sundays  11:00, 13:00, 14:30, 16:00, 17:30, 19:00 (Closed on Mondays)
  • Precaution: This site recommends you to make a reservation about one month before the date of your visit

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Precautions

  • The online payment must be completed to process the reservation. 
  • The course will be taught in English. 

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Reservation Process

  1. After making reservation, you can check the reservation status at "My reservation" after submitting the order form. If the button turns out to be green marked "Confirmed", your reservation is confirmed.
  2. If you want to modify the reservation date, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
  3. Present your reservation confirmation at the store to prove your booking by clicking the "Confirmed". It is your reservation confirmation.

    How to see whether your reservation is confirmed
    Reservation confirmation to be presented at the store

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Location

  • Address:서울 중구 명동2길 53 2층
  • Directions:Come out from Seoul Metro Line  #2 Myeongdong station Exit 5. If you see Isaac Toast, turn right at the first alley and go to the second floor of the Gimbap Cheonguk(김밥천국) building which is on your right.

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Roadmap Directions

Come out from Seoul Metro Line  #4 Myeongdong Station Exit 5.  Walk straight and turn right.

Come out from Myeongdong Station Exit 5.

Go straight until you see the Isaac toast. After you pass the Isaac toast, turn right on the first corner you see.

Go straight until you see Gimbap Cheonguk(김밥 천국) on your right.

Go inside of the Gimbap Cheonguk(김밥천국) building. It is on the 2nd floor!

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | Photo Reviews

Before you start creating your own fragrance, the instructor will run you through a simple personality test (Chinese) to test your personality traits and give recommendations based on the test results. At the end of the session, you can choose your final scent from 7 recommended scents. 

After finishing the personality test, the instructor will give you recommendations on the perfume base. Test the scents carefully and decide on your favorites! Tell your instructor those scents and you are now set to go for the next step!

The instructor will explain the process with patience. However, you need to keep some rules to make a fragrance. For example, you only need one drop of fragrance to test the scent. When you are tired of a particular scent, you can refresh your senses by smelling coffee beans. 

Last not least, drop 20 droplets of your final scent and add it to your perfume base, and TADA! Your perfume is ready! When you use the perfume two weeks later, it will smell even better.


The above were the photos of GN Perfume. Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please go to the FAQ link or shoot us an email at

Myeongdong DIY Perfume Workshop | GN Perfume
대한민국 서울특별시 중구 충무로1가 명동2길 53

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Vivian LifromTaichung
9 months ago
過了一個月才打開香水,味道真的非常香>< 雖然和想像中的味道不太一樣,卻也是很喜歡的香氣!! 雖然只能英文溝通,但店員老師人很好!!
4 months ago
你好 想請問味道持香嗎
a year ago
this is so interesting. i would love to go here.