What is CREATRIP? A brief introduction about CREATRIP
An online tourism activity platform for those who want to travel Asia like locals
2 years ago

Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.
We proudly present you the latest, useful Korean travel information and tips every day.

Recently, the total count of registered Creatrip members surpassed 170,000! 

The reason why we were able to make an exponential growth in Taiwan and Hong Kong was your continuous support.

Thank you for your trust and support.

Today, we would like to go over how Creatrip is operated!!

Keep yourselves tuned!

1. The No.1 visited the website for tourists from Taiwan and Hong Kong


Creatrip online platform is extremely active in Taiwan and Hong Kong. Each month, Creatrip has an average of 700 to 1 million visitors from those two regions. 1 out of 4 tourists from those two countries is using Creatrip as a reference for planning their trip to Korea.   

Creatrip provides overarching travel information about major Korean cities like Seoul, Busan, and Daegu. Foreign tourists can now explore South Korea as if they are insiders. Simply read Creatrip's articles on popular Korean culture and trends.

Creatrip's easy online reservation system enables foreign tourists to book exciting activities without experiencing a language barrier.

This system is very easy to use, so we would suggest you give it a go when you are traveling to Korea.

Creatrip online booking system (from Creatrip website)


You can check the list of our partners on our main website. Click Free Online Reservations for details.

2. Partnership with local vendors / A Win-Win Business Strategy with the local market

Creatrip strives to grow with our community! We've created a partnership network with numerous local vendors to meet our customers' needs and wants. We are providing a free online reservation system to make your travel experience easier than ever.

One of our partner's revenue grew more than 300% after joining Creatrip.

We are running back and forth to expand our network every day. 

To provide quality customer service and satisfaction, Creatrip staff are working restlessly.

크리에이트립의 예약서비스

이용가능한 서비스 내역은 行程預約 에서 그 내역을 확인해보시길 바랍니다.

※Useful tips! Creatrip Online Booking System Users FAQ

Creatrip offers over 30 local activities in Korea including hanbok rentals, Studio Photo shooting, Korean high school uniform rentals, manicure and pedicure, hairdressing, WIFI egg rental and many more. Any questions regarding our free online reservation system, please visit our FAQs page here. Please read them carefully.

Korean hanbok, Korean passport photo, Korean high school uniform, photo shoot: booking process & FAQ & information description (11/06 update)

3. Recent trend / Our plans ahead

Recently, Creatrip is also receiving a lot of attention from Korean media.

In October only, more than 10 presses have released news articles about Creatrip.

To respond to the popular demand of our users, we are trying to expand our services to cover Simplified Chinese and English.

The Creatrip Application is currently undergoing major updates to enhance users' convenience.

Please wait for our brand new application in December. We will keep you posted!

※Useful Tip. Downloading Creatrip APP.

Lastly, if you have any inquiry - including the complaints and suggestions - please send us an email to support@creatrip.com. Also, you can easily reach us via Creatrip's official Facebook account. Please send us a quick message via Facebook messenger.

Creatrip staff will work hard to create a new world where everyone can travel like a local.

Thank you for reading this post.