Gyeongbokgung Palace Artee Pedicab!
Pedicab tour that takes you to the vibrant attractions of Bukchon Hanok Village (Eng, Chn available)
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2 years ago

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Are you looking for an alternative method to travel Bukchon Hanok Village? Creatrip recently created a partnership with Artee Pedicart, which offers highly popular pedicab guide tour around Gyeongbokgung Palace and Bukchon Hanok Village area. With Artee Pedicab tour, you can see much more while you walk less. Artee Pedicart service used to be quite difficult to make a reservation when you are not familiar with Korean. Through the partnership between Creatrip and Artee, now Creatrip members can make a reservation and enjoy Artee's famous pedicab tour.

#KoreanPedicab:Bukchon Hanok Village|Service Overview

  •  Pedicab Guided Tour|60 minutes45000 KRW(1 person)
    • Romantic Tour
    • Historical Tour
    • West Village Tour

  • VIP Pedicab Guided Tour|120 minutes80000 KRW(1 Person)
    • VIP:Blue House Tour
    • VIP:West and East Bukchon Village Tour

#KoreanPedicabTour:Bukchon Hanok Village|Business Information

Address:Exit 1 of Anguk Station or Exit 4 of Gyeongbokgung Palace Station

  • Business Hours:10:00 to 21:00(Closed Tuesdays
  • Language options:Each tour will have a guide who can speak both Chinese and English.

#KoreanPedicabTour:Bukchon Hanok Village|Precaution

  • There are three 60 min tour options: romantic, historical, and west village. There are two options for 120 min tour, namely the Blue House and West and East Bukchon Village tour. 
  • Reservation must be made at least a week before the tour date. A full payment has to be made at the time of reservation. 
  • One pedicab can carry up to two adults and one child under 4 years old (children are free). 
  • #If the pedicab is only used by one adult and children under 4 years old, all are charged as adults.
  • Please come to the tour at least 10 minutes before the start time. If you arrive late, the late minutes will be prorated from your overall tour time. 

#KoreanPeidcabTour:Bukchon Hanok Village|How to make a reservation

  1. After you make a reservation with Creatrip, you can check your reseration status on “My reservation(  section both on Creatrip Web and APP. 
  2. This process takes about 1 business day.

  3. (When your reservation is confrimed, you will see your status changed to “Confirmed”)

#KoreanPedicabTour:Bukchon Hanok Village|Change and Refund Policy

  • If you want to cancel the reservation after making the online payment,  
    • Artee will offer you: 
    • a full refund for canceling 5 days before the tour date
    • a 50% refund less than 5 days up to 3 days before the tour date
    • No refund will be given less than 3 days before the tour date

  • If you want to change the reservation after making the online payment, 
  • Changes can be made from less than 5 days up to 3 days before the tour date
    • No changes are allowed from less than 3 days before the tour date 
    • If the reservation gets canceled due to rain, snow, or other natural catastrophes, Artee will provide a full refund. Artee and Creatrip will evaluate the factors of force majeure of those natural catastrophes. 

#KoreanPedicabTour:Bukchon Hanok Village|Why do we recommend Artee?

  1. Artee Pedicab has been a popular choice among Foreigners and Koreans alike. Artee offers an exciting opportunity for whom wants to explore Seoul in a different way. However, making a reservation with Artee was not easy for foreigners. With Creatrip, however, you can make a reservation easy and breezy! 
  2. We would like to recommend Artee's Pedicab tour to our international tourists, who want to get down to the nitty-gritty of Seoul. This tour weaves the extensive history of the neighborhood by shedding light on the culture and people.  Even the Korean government has recommended foreign VIP guests, such as the President of Malaysia and King of Qatar, to try out pedicab tours before.

#KoreanPedicabTour:Bukchon Hanok Village | Tour Options

60 minutes|45000 KRW(1 Person)

Romantic Tour
「Pedicab tour that takes you to the vibrant attractions of Bukchon Hanok Village」
Starting pointNext to the Exit 1 of Angul Station, Seoul Metro Line 3 
Tour RouteGwanghwamun → SamCheong-dong → National Museum of Modern Art → Yunposun's House → Constitutional Court → Baik In Je's former residence  → Bukchon Hanok Village

「Romantic Tour」is a sightseeing tour that is popular among Bukchon Hanok Village travelers. This tour consists of more than half of sightseeing in the Northwest Village (서북촌) in the Hanok Village. The Northwest Village (in Korean Seonamchon) covers Kyung-dong, Samcheong-dong, and Anguk-dong. These locations are all near to Gyeongbokgung Palace. Modern buildings coexist with traditional Hanok in the Northwest village. This is a must-visit place. 

The vibrant community is the major attraction of the Northwest Village. The village contains not only diverse cultural heritage sites but also the small alleys that house beautiful galleries, small cafes and street food. 

Historical Tour
「Pedicab tour that takes you to unique historical sites in Bukchon Hanok Village」
Starting PointNext to the Exit 1 of Anguk Station, Seoul Metro Line 3
Tour RouteChangdeokgung Stonewall Road→ Wonseo-dong Baik Hong Bum House→ Go Hui Dong’s House (Korean Artist) → Bukchon Hanok Village→ Central High School → Secret Library


The name [Historical Tour] can switch off your interests if you are not a big fan of history. However, this tour contains an interesting itinerary that can bring you back the Bukchon Village in the 1970s to the 1990s. Travel back in time and feel the sense of Korean community in the Northeast Village (동북촌) area. Feel the charm of the quite, laid-back alleys. 

You can travel the old part of Seoul, where aristocrats and high officials of Chosun dynasty used to live. Experience the way of life more than 600 years ago. This tour is one of the most popular tour options among Korean customers.  

West Village Tour 
「Pedicarb tour around the Gyeongbokgung area that recently became popular among Koreans」
Starting PointNext to the Exit 4 of Gyeongbokgung Palace Station, Seoul Metro Line 3
Tour RouteYoung-dong Hanok Village→Tongin Market→Lee Sang Literature Memorial→Daerim Museum→Woodang Memorial→Blue House Fountain

The South Village (Seochon) has been introduced by Creatrip several times before. The village is located in the west of Gyeongbokgung Palace. The village has many old shops in narrow alleys. Young-dong Hanok Village is not big, but you can feel the mixture of modern and traditional feel.  

In Korean, there is a word「中人(중인)」refering to a social class back in Chosun dynasty. The people from this social class were artists, technicians, and businessmen. They used to live in the West Village. This tour combines history, art, and peopltogether. Korean people especially love visiting Lee Sang Literature Memorial and Woodang Memorial. Taste the delicious Korean food at Tongin market. 

120 minutes|80000 KRW(1 person)

VIP:Blue House Tour

「For the first time in 50 years, you can walk the Blue House front yard」
Starting Point

Next to Exit 1 of Anguk Station, Seoul Subway Line 3

Tour RouteGamgodang-gil→National Museum of Modern Art→Constitutional Court→Baek in-Je's former residence→Samcheong-dong→The Blue House front road→Hyoja-dong→Maze alleys→Gwanghwamun

In 1968, a group of North Korean spies raided Blue House. After the incident, the Blue House front yard was closed to the public. 50 years later, the Blue House front yard is now accessible to everyone. Take a pedicab and have a tour around the former 'forbidden' area of the Blue House. The east side of the Blue House is the famous Samcheong-dong area. Samcheong-dong is very popular among South Koreans for shopping. The other side of the Blue House is Hyoja-dong. This tour will take you to the Blue House and you can listen to the narratives on the modern history of Korea. 

VIP:Highlights of Bukchon Village Tour
「From the West Village to the Northeast Village, you can finding a hidden gem through this tour」
Starting Point

Next to Exit 1 of Anguk Station, Seoul Subway Line 3

Tour RouteGwanghwamun→Gamgodang-gil→National Museum of Modern Art→Anguk-dong Yoon Bosun House→Constitutional Court→Baek In Je's former residence →Bukchon Hanok Village→Bukchon3 to 7→Changdeokgung Stonewall Road→Wonseo-dong Baek Hong Bum House→Gahoe-dong House→Bukchon 1 and 2 villages→Choongang High School→Secret Library

If you want to know A-Z about the Bukchon Hanok Village, give this pedicab tour a go. This tour combines the [romantic tour] and [history tour] together. This tour was also loved by foreign VIP guests. Follow the track of the Bukchon area's development. You will definitely find your favorite spot from Buckchon Hanok Village and Northeast Village.

The above is the latest information regarding Artee Korean Pedicab tour on Creatrip. I hope you consider this unique opportunity to travel to Seoul, especially the Bukchon Hanok Village and Gyeongbokgung Palace area. Ask any questions! We will answer them for you.