Wedding Dress Cafe in Busan:May Dress Cafe
Try on a wedding dress of your dream and make lifetime memories!May Dress Cafe is now available through Creatrip!
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2 years ago

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Recently, there has been hype about taking photos of wearing wedding dresses among Korean girls. Whether you are a couple or a group of girlfriends, you can select your dream wedding dress and make fun memories at May Wedding Dress Cafe in Busan.

You don't have to go through all the awkward moments of pretending to be a bride at a wedding shop to try on your dream dress.
You can try it at a cafe! It's easy as that! Also Creatrip and May Dress Cafe is in special partnership, so for those of you who make reservations from Creatrip, you can get a ₩10,000 discount onsite!

Service Price

Reservation Deposit₩3,000 / person 
The cafe is always crowded, so making a prior reservation is strongly recommended.
If you make a prior reservation with Creatrip, you can get ₩3,000 discount onsite.
Female dressFrom ₩20,000
Male Suit₩30,000

Service Overview

Included in the price
2 hour-long dress rental, drinks, and admission fee
Dress / Suit
Female dresses are charged according to the quality and material:  20,000KRW ~ 50,000KRW.
Rental fee is fixed for male tuxedos (30,000KRW)
Extended Lease
Regardless of gender, trying on a second outfit is charged additionally for 50% of the original price.
Free ServicesHair accessories, bouquets, cosmetics, electric sticks (props), shoes, tripods
Additional chargesMakeup service(₩5,000), Hair styling(₩5,000)
Professional Photo shootThere is a professional photographer on-site. Photos can be printed upon request.
(small size photo 2,000 KRW/ big size photo 6,000 KRW)

Why do we recommend this place? 

  1. May Wedding Dress Cafe is close to many sightseeing attractions in Busan. The famous Igidae Waterfall Park and Guangalli beach are not far away from the cafe. Make the most memorable moments in Busan in one day.  
  2. May Wedding Dress Cafe is at an accessible distance from the Busan subway station [Gyeongsungdae-Busandae] Exit 3. It's only about three minutes walk from the station. 
  3. Besides wedding dresses, May Wedding Dress Cafe has over 150 pieces of evening dresses in different styles and shades. There are plenty of costumes and children's dresses as well. If you make a reservation, you can also arrange for an on-site makeup or hair styling service at an extra cost.
  4. May Wedding Dress cafe is like a small photo studio. There are 15 small photo spots in the cafe.

Business Information

  • Address:부산 남구 용소로13번길 13 스카이타워 6F
  • Business Hours:11:00am - 22:00pm


  • Even if you do not plan to rent a dress, you still have to pay 10,000 KRW to enter the cafe (the entrance fee includes drinks) 

Reservation Process

  1. After making reservation, you can check the reservation status at "My reservation" after submitting the order form. If the button turns out to be green marked "Confirmed", your reservation is confirmed.
  2. If you want to modify the reservation date, please cancel your reservation and make a new reservation.
  3. Present your reservation confirmation at the store to prove your booking by clicking the "Confirmed". It is your reservation confirmation.

    How to see whether your reservation is confirmed
    Reservation confirmation to be presented at the store

May Wedding Dress Cafe:Photo Reviews

Creatrip fell in love with this cafe because of the price! You can experience the life of a princess at a cheap price and, plus, you can take photos in beautiful studio backgrounds. Drinks are also included in the rental price. How convenient is it? May Wedding Dress Cafe also has an extensive collection of evening gowns, cosplay costumes, and children's clothes. More than 150 sets of wedding dresses and tuxes are waiting for you. 

May Wedding Dress Cafe in Busan is a theme cafe where you can take photos of yourself in a wedding dress. It is located near Busan's one of the hottest college towns. You can get there quickly by taking the subway. On the same subway line (Line 2), you can get to Busan's famous tourist attractions. So plan your day and make sure your itinerary is fully lined up in Busan! 

May Wedding Dress Cafe has 12 types of studio backgrounds. As long as you pay the entrance fee, you can take photos in front of the small photo studios for two hours. I highly recommend you to try on your dream dress and take photos of your day in front of different backgrounds. You can print the photos right away— the photo printing service costs between 2,000KRW for the small sized photo and 6,000KRW for the big sized photo. 

May Wedding Dress Cafe is not only meant for a girlfriends' hangout place. You can come with your family and take a unique family photo. Or you can bring your boyfriend and take memorable photos together as a couple. Korean young couples take photos in dresses and tuxedos together and love to post them on their SNS. Make unforgettable memories and share with your friends!

If you are planning to visit Busan, put May Wedding Dress Cafe as one of your must go places. Dress up in a beautiful dream dress and take a photo of your day.



  • Address:부산 남구 용소로13번길 13 스카이타워 6F

May Wedding Dress Cafe:Roadmap directions

From [Gyeongsungdae-Busandae] station, exit through Exit 3 and walk in the opposite direction. After taking a left turn at the first intersection, walk straight until you see Etude House (a cosmetics store). Turn left, and you will see the Bingsu Cafe. Go up to the 6th floor.

The above was a short overview of May Wedding Dress Cafe (오월애) in Busan: Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please shoot us an email at   

If you need to change any details about your reservation, please make another reservation instead of modifying. Please read the information on the service and reservation and do not hesitate to contact us for further details.