Best Hair Salon in Hongdae | SOONSIKI Hair
Korean Celebrities' favorite Hair Salon
Namee Kim @creatrip
2 years ago

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Many foreign tourists want to change their hairstyles like their favorite K-pop Idol or celebrity. We received numerous inquiries from our members asking for a good hair salon recommendation. The major problem was, foreign tourists could not make reservations even if they found good hair salons due to the language barrier.  

So here we are! We are about to introduce you the best hair salon in Hongdae, [SOONSIKI Hair].

I bet we've made your life easier since now you can make an easy reservation with SOONSIKI Hair through Creatrip. Sounds good?  

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR | Price

Volume magic straight perm
Volume magic straight setting perm₩190,000~₩315,000
Digital setting perm₩170,000~₩210,000
Basic hair color₩170,000~₩300,000
Repair perm₩380,000~₩420,000
Discount20% discount if you make online reservations
*Haircut discount not applicable
Hair color
Basic hair color
Design hair color
Discount20% discount if you make online reservations
Hair Bleach
Hair clinic treatment
Hair extension

- Haircut : ₩2,000 deposit required.
- Other procedures (perm, color, etc.) : ₩5,000 deposit required.

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR | Notice

Additional Charges
Including haircuts, the designer will inspect the length and damage level of your hair before applying a style of your choice. There could be an additional charge depending on the length of your hair.
Hair LengthSOONSIKI HAIR has four levels of hair length:  middle, middle-long, long, and extra long.
(the length will be determined by the designer).
Leveled Charges SOONSIKI HAIR's designers are divided into four levels. Price varies depending on the years of experience and skills of your designer.  

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR | Precautions

  • SOONSIKI designers are in 4 levels depending on their years of experience. Price gets more expensive as you make a reservation with a more experienced designer. 
  • SOONSIKI Hair defines hair length as four levels: middle, middle-long, long, and extra long. There could be an additional charge depending on your hair length.  
  • SOONSIKI Hair has three branches: Bombhead, Hongdae and Hapjeong. 
  • You must make a reservation (or change your reservation): 3-4 days before the reservation date on weekdays and 7 days for the weekend.

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR | Recommended Reasons

  1. SOONSIKI Hair is located in the Hongdae area. Hongdae is a trendy tourist place in Seoul. You can conveniently visit this salon when you have plans to explore Hongdae. You can try a new hairstyle and travel around Hongdae on the same day. 
  2. Many regulars of SOONSIKI Hair are Korean models and celebrities. If you are sensitive to the most up-to-date styling trends, SOONSIKI is perfect for you. Hair designers at SOONSIKI Hair are very sensible and they will give you the exact styling that you want. 
  3. SOONSIKI Hair has a transparent price system. Most of the services are at a set price. They do not charge more on foreign customers, and actually, they offer a 20% discount who make prior reservations via Creatrip.

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR |  Reservation Process

  1. Choose the SOONSIKI HAIR branch where you want to make a reservation.
  2. Enter related and detailed information about your reservation.
  3. Don't forget to make your deposit (₩2000 for haircut, ₩5000 for other procedures).
  4. Once you completed your deposit payment, your reservation will be confirmed within 1~3 working days.
  5. Click here to see that your reservation has been confirmed. 
  6. If you want to make any changes, please cancel the reservation and make a new reservation.
  7. Please arrive at the store on time and confirm your reservation name to the staff.

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR | Photo References

SOONSIKI Hair is a well-known hair salon in the Hongdae area.

Hongdae is one of the trendiest areas in Seoul. Hongik University is the best art school in Korea, and many sensible students live nearby.
They are very sensitive to fashion trends. 

SOONSIKI is perfect for you if you are planning to visit Hongdae for shopping and sightseeing.
You can shop and hang around Hongdae and then, drop by SOONSIKI to get your hair done.

SOONSIKI Hair has provided hair services for many Korean celebrities and K-pop idols.

If you are curious about what type of hairstyle is popular among Korean celebrities, visit SOONSIKI. The designers are skillful in giving recommendations to their customers. They will give give each customer sophisticated service and refresh their style. 

Unlike other hair salons, SOONSIKI Hair has a hair color specialist. One of the salons' signature care is hair coloring service. When you do bleaching or hair coloring, the specialist will make sure that hair damage is minimized. Customers express high satisfaction with the coloring specialist's sophisticated care. 

SOONSIKI Hair can also apply great styles to long hair. 

They use quality hair products to ensure best results for the magic straight perm and romantic hair perms. 

I personally recommend you to try permanent hair perm at SOONSIKI. 

You will get natural, wavy curls. 

SOONSIKI also does a good job with short hair. 

If you have short hair, I would like to recommend you bob hair perm or ombre coloring. 

SOONSIKI hair designers are also good at cutting bob hair. 

SOONSIKI Hair does not have hidden costs and you won't get any surprises. 

They don't charge more on foreign customers.

In fact, SOONSIKI Hair offers a 20% discount to foreign customers. Don't worry about getting ripped off at SOONSIKI Hair. 

Hongdae Hair Salon : SOONSIKI HAIR | Branch Locations

SOONSIKI Hair (BombHead Branch)

Address: 서울 마포구 와우산로21길 29 5F

Business hours: Weekdays 10:00-21:00, Weekends 10:00-19:00

SOONSIKI Hair (Hongdae)

Address: 서울 마포구 양화로 164 8층

Business hours: every day 10:00 am - 19:00pm

Designers :

Yoni Yoko 
Manager  & Master Designer

Team Leader & Professional Designer

Seung Il
Team leader /
Professional Designer

Professional Designer

Professional Designer

Professional Designer

Professional Designer

Professional Designer

SOONSIKI Hair is extremely popular among locals. There is a chance you need to wait for your reservation on-site even if you made a reservation. The SOONSIKI master hair designer also feels very bad about this situation and is respectfully asking for your patience. If you come in late more than 10 minutes, your reservation will be canceled. After the cancellation, you have to wait until the next available reservation slot on-site. So please make sure you arrived at least 10 minutes before your reservation time. 

If you do not receive a confirmation email containing the reservation time and details, please check your spam inbox. If you still cannot find the confirmation email, please send us a quick email (including the name of the vendor, e-mail address, your name, reservation date) at