Popular nail art and eyelash extension shop (Gyeongbokgung):Salon de Reina
Popular nail art and eyelash extension shop (Gyeongbokgung):Salon de Reina | Online Reservations
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Creatrip recommends Salon de Reina, a popular Korean mani-padi shop in the Gyeongbokgung Palace area. This store is extremely famous for eyelash styling and extensions as well. Before recommending this site, we've checked the reviews uploaded on Instagram and Naver (South Korean Google) and read customers feedback thoroughly. We were able to find a plenty of satisfied customers online. Usually, you have to wait a long time to make a reservation with Salon de Reina. Thanks to Creatrip's exclusive partnership with the salon, now you can make a reservation online without waiting.  Experience the high quality South Korean eyelash extension and nail art. 

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Salon de Reina|Online Reservation

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Nail Price

Hand care₩15,000
Single Color Nail (Manicure)₩40,000
French Nail₩15,000
Gradation Nail₩15,000
Add Patterns₩10,000
₩1,000 (One)

Eyelash Styling Price

Natural Silk₩30,000
Silk Lash
Mink Lash
Dark Brown
Natural Hair₩70,000
Air Lash
Black Glama

Service Overview

Professional care is given; many customers rated high for satisfaction
Group customers
If you come in as a group, you may not be able to receive care at the same time. 

Why do we recommend this place? 

In South Korea, there are many beauty salons specialize in nail and eyelash care. However, it is difficult to find a place where is good at both nail care and eyelash extension/perm. At Salon de Reina, you can choose from a variety of nail styles and eyelashes in different lengths and materials.  

Often, a frequent manicure can cause nails to crack and grow thinner. The beauty specialists at the salon are experts and know what to do to minimize the damage on your nails and eyelashes. They have over 10 years of experience, so we can assure you that your safety and satisfaction are guaranteed.

Business Information 

Address:서울특별시 서울특별시 종로구 자하문로 17 2F

  • Tel:02-735-0709 
  • Opening Hours:Monday to Saturday 11:00 am to 21:00 pm,Closed on Sundays


One person is required to pay a deposit of ₩40,000 in advance ($40),two people, ₩80,000($80)

  • After receiving the care, a deposit of ₩40,000 will be prorated from the final price
  • Reservation is not successful without an advance payment (Paypal only)

How to make a reservation

1. You can make an appointment by filling in the order form.

2. After submitting your request for a reservation, you will receive a payment request email. You must complete the payment order before your reservation to be confirmed.

3. Within three days after completing the payment, you will receive a confirmation email. Present your confirmation voucher to the vendor for verifying your reservation. 

4. After your reservation is processed, you cannot cancel, change, or request for a refund from less than 5 days before the reservation date.

Business Location 

Address:서울특별시 서울특별시 종로구 자하문로 17 2F

  • Directions:Salon de Reina is located near Exit 2 of the Gyeongbokgung Palace Station. Walk about 3 minutes after getting out of Exit 2 until you see Innisfree. On the left side of Innisfree, Salon de Reina is on the second floor

Gyeongbokgung Salon de Reina Manicure

Korean manicure and eyelashes:Salon de Reina has more than 500 types of nail shades. Store manager replenishes the stock from Japan. The salon uses some rare nailcare materials that cannot be easily found elsewhere in Korea. Many Korean regulars visit the salon to get special cares with these Japanese materials.

In addition to the nail art, sequins usually last for five to six weeks. As long as you protect your nails from damage, they can last up to two months

Korean Manicure and Korean Eyelashes:Salon de Reina's nail designs fall under two types: simple and luxury. It doesn't matter which type you choose. You will be extremely satisfied with the outcome whichever style you choose.

In addition,Korean Nail Art:Gyeongbokgung Salon de Reina also offers popular styles as the 'nail of the month'visit INSTAGRAM). You can try the nail of the month at a discounted price. Check out the photos for examples.

Gyeongbokgung Salon de Reina Manicure and Eyelashes Sample

South Korean beauty salons use advanced beauty facilities and skills. Salon de Reina is one of the most known beauty salons for an eyelash care. Many Taiwanese specialists are come to Korea just to learn the South Korean beauty technology

Salon de Reina enables you to choose the eyelash length, style, and material. The types of available eyelash extensions are basic silk lash, mink lash (softer than regular silk), dark brown lash, long-lasting natural hair, lightweight air lash, and black Galma (for sensitive eyes).

At Salon de Reina, the specialists always use gentle glue to reduce pain.

The above was a short overview of Gyeongbokgung Salon de Reina: Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please go to the Reservation FAQ or shoot us an email at support@creatrip.com.

If you do not receive a payment request email within a day, please contact Creatrip immediately. In order for the reservation to be confirmed, you must complete the payment process first. If you need to change any details about your reservation, please review the Reservation FAQ.  


Salon de Reina
서울특별시 서울특별시 종로구 자하문로 17 2층

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