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Insadong is one of the most famous tourist attractions in Seoul, near Exit 6 of the Anguk Station. This is the place where you can experience the authentic Korean culture. You can shop many Korean traditional souvenirs, and eat the street foods that the local people love.  Many foreign tourists come to this shopping district for buying Korean traditional gift items. There are many things you can try in Insadong. Among those things, Creatrip would like to introduce you about the YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab (어라연전각체험관). At YHLAYUEN, you can experience the process of engraving a seal and take it back home as a unique souvenir. Engrave your name on the seal in Korean and keep it for a lifetime!

Korean handmade seal engraving|DIY Experience

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Seoul Seal Engraving DIY Experience Price

Package AHandmade seal engraving experience (a seal, a bookmark, and a stamp storage box are included).

Package B
Handmade seal engraving experience (a seal, a special color engraving on the stamp handle, a bookmark, and a stamp storage box are included).

Seoul Handmade Seal Engraving Experience

KLOOK|Manual Seal Engraving Experience


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Payment Method
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Cancellation Policy
Free Cancellation
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Seoul Seal Engraving Experience Remarks

Duration of the experience
Package A:30 to 40 minutes
Package B:50 to 60 minutes
Class times
13:00, 14:00, 15:00, 16:00, 17:00
Recommended age
You will need to use mechanical tools during this experience. Therefore, the children over the age of 7 or up are suitable for participation.

Recommended Reasons

Korean people stamp their seals on official documents instead of signing a signature. An engraved seal represent the person in the Korean society and carries a special meaning to Korean people. You can also make your own seal with your Korean name at the YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab. The YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab is located at the heart of Insadong, which is the most representative tourist attraction in Seoul. You can easily reach Isadong by any means of public transportation, and Insadong is easy to get around.  

  1. You can create a unique seal with your name engraved in Korean. After you finish engraving your name in Korean on the seal, you can request to print a meaningful phrase or pattern on the handle in the color of your choice.
  2. This store uses soft colored stones to make the seal. There are professional seal makers on-site you can assist you throughout the class. You don't have to worry about making mistakes. Just relax and enjoy your experience.

Seoul handmade Seal Engraving Experience Business Information

  • Address:서울특별시 종로구 인사동길34 어라연전각체험관 2F
  • Tel:02-722-8415

Reservation Process: 

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Policy for modifying or canceling reservations at the YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab

  • The YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab can be booked for free via Creatrip's free online reservation system. For any changes regarding your reservation, please immediately contact Creatrip support team via email.

Business Location

  • Address:서울특별시 종로구 인사동길34 어라연전각체험관 2F
  • Directions:Exit 5 of the Jongno 3-ga Station, Seoul metro line 1、line 3、line 5,about 5 minutes of walk from the station/Exit 6 of the Anguk Station, Seoul metro line 3,about 5 minutes of walk from the station/Exit 11 of the Jonggak Station, Seoul metro line 1, 7 minutes of walk from the station.

The YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab Roadmap Directions

The YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab Photo Review

Located at the heart of Insadong, the YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab offers a special opportunity to foreign tourists. There are many handmade seal engraving workshops in Seoul. However, a majority of them use low-quality stones and cheap materials. The YHLAYUEN seal engraving lab offers high-quality materials at a lower price than the industry average to Creatrip members.

You can experience the Korean handmade seal engraving in two packages. The prices are 22,000 Won for Package A and 33,000 Won for Package B. On top of the 5% Creatrip members-only discount, Creatrip members can also enjoy free online reservation, free cancellation, and on-site payment. Don't worry about how to make a reservation. Leave that part to Creatrip!

Whichever you choose, either package A or B, you can get the finest seal engraving experience. The difference between the package A and B are the special engraving on the handle. If you choose the package B, you can engrave the handle of the seal with your favorite phrases and patterns. You can also choose the color for the phrase as well. This phrase engraving will make your seal more personal and special

You can also make seals for your loved ones.  Make multiple seals for your lover, friends, and family with the instructor's step-by-step teaching. You will learn about the safety measures before starting the engraving, so you can have a thorough experience with comfort and confidence.

If you already made a plan to visit Insadong, consider adding this unique opportunity of making your one-and-only seal. You can take this unique, Korean traditional souvenir, and remember your visit to Korea.

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The above was a short overview of the YHLAYUEN Seal Engraving Lab in Insadong. Please read this blog post carefully, and make your reservation by following the instruction given in this post. If you have any further inquiry, please go to the Online Reservation FAQs or send our Creatrip support team an email.

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