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A Visit to the Best Cake Cafe in Bukchon Hanok Village, JIYUGAOKA(三清店)! Receive Chocolate Ball and Cookie for Free!
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Today, Creatrip introduces one of the most delicious cake cafes in Bukchon Hanok Village, JIYUGAOKA(三清店). Bukchon Hanok Village is a must-visit place for tourists in Korea. It's probably because Bukchon is place where you can observe the old forms of Korean alleys.

Those who visit Bukchon Hanok Village often wear rent Hanbok and wear it while walking around Samcheong-dong, Bukchon Hanok Village, and Gyeongbokgung Palace. For a more enjoyable visit, you will probably want to enjoy delicious cakes and coffee while touring around Bukchon Hanok Village. So Creatrip will introduce a trustworthy and delicious cafe, JIYUGAOKA!

Anguk Bukchon Hanok Village Cafe : Jiyugaoka (三清店) | Information

  • Address : 서울특별시 종로구 윤보선길 46 
  • Opening Hours: Everyday 09:00 to 23:00

Anguk Bukchon Hanok Village Cafe : Jiyugaoka (三清店) 
| Member Benefit

  • Creatrip members can receive either a handmade chocolate ball or cookie or brownie if they certify their membership.

Anguk Bukchon Hanok Village Cafe : Jiyugaoka (三清店) | Recommended Reasons

So why is JIYUGAOKA(三清店) special? I am a person who enjoys eating cakes when I am stressed out.
So as a cake lover, I have three reasons why I would like to introduce JIYUGAOKA's cakes.

1.  As a specialty store for handmade cakes, the cafe owner lavishes great ingredients inside the cakes. 
JIYUGAOKA is a handmade cake shop, so you can make your own cake at the store. Because the cafe owner puts in great ingredients inside, cake sheets feel very soft and not too greasy. The blueberry cheesecake is rich in fine cheese, so you can feel the deep and strong taste of the rich cheese. Personally, I decided to make an alliance because I thought the most delicious cake in Bukchon Hanok Village was this cafe.

2.  The interior is beautiful, so it is a great place to take pictures.
The inside of the cafe is filled with cute toys and decorations, so it is nice to play around and take pictures wearing Hanbok.
Especially, all of the tables are full of sincere and decorative plants and flowers.

3. It is easily accessible because it is near Anguk station.
JIYUGAOKA is located near Exit 1 of Anguk Station, and it only takes 5 minutes by foot to get there.
It is located on the first floor of the "Princess Hanbok" building.
Certainly, you will feel exhausted after walking around wearing Hanbok and taking a lot of pictures. It is in a great location to get the sugar kick when you feel so exhausted!

Anguk Bukchon Hanok Village Cafe : Jiyugaoka (三清店) | Location

  • Address: 서울특별시 종로구 윤보선길 46

    Anguk Bukchon Hanok Village Cafe : Jiyugaoka (三清店) | Roadmap Directions

    Get out of Anguk Station Exit 1 and turn right.
    Then walk straight for about 5 minutes. You'll see the cafe on your right.

Anguk Bukchon Hanok Village Cafe : Jiyugaoka (三清店) | Photo Reviews

Creatrip assures you that the Jiyugaoka is the most delicious cake cafe in Samcheongdong and Bukchon Hanok Village. Because the cafe owner puts in great ingredients inside, cake sheets feel very soft and not too greasy. The blueberry cheesecake is rich in fine cheese, so you can feel the deep and strong taste of the rich cheese.
Jiyugaoka is a cake store that specializes in handmade cakes.

The cafe is small in size but due to the cute interior, it gives you a very cozy atmosphere and mood.
Especially the store is decorated with cute toys and accessories that it feels like you are in a character shop.
That's probably why many tourists, and Korean locals visit this cafe.   

JIYUGAOKA means 'the hill of freedom' in Japanese, and it's also the name of a pretty village in Japan.
Not only is it full of cute and pretty accessories but every table is full of sincere and decorative plants and flowers.  

JIYUGAOKA San Qing shop is 9000 won per piece of cake. One piece of cake costs 9000 KRW. You may think that this is quite expensive but it is worth the price.
Because all of the cakes are handmade, it's very special and I'm certain that good ingredients go inside.
There are many people who order not one piece of cake, but a whole cake to give it to a present to someone.   

I will introduce the signature famous cakes at JIYUGAOKA.
The first one is Chicago cake.

JIYUGAOKA's Chicago Cake is a soft and moist chocolate cake. The scent of chocolate is very deep but when you taste it, it's just the appropriate amount of sweetness. It's a very enjoyable taste even for everyone. In addition, JIYUGAOKA's Chicago Cake was awarded 1st place in a cake contest.

The next cake is  JIYUGAOKA 's Red Velvet Cake.

The red velvet cake is a cake with made with cocoa powder and cream cheese, and it's a popular menu among women.
And because there is a nut ingredient, the more you chew it, the better the taste is.

Another cake I want to introduce is the Mint Chocolate Cake.

JIYUGAOKA's mint chocolate cake is a cake of soft chocolate with a mix of refreshing mint flavor.
f you like mint, you must try this cake. And because it contains chocolate chips in between, you can feel the chocolate flavor from the first bite to your last.

The cake I ordered was JIYUGAOKA's representative cakes, Akki cake and Blueberry Cheesecake.
Because JIYUGAOKA is a cafe specialized in handmade cakes, I couldn't bare but order TWO cakes.    
I also ordered milk tea to go along with the cake.

JIYUGAOKA's Akki cake is one of the signature menus in the cafe. The cake is a rich chocolate cake topped with fresh cream.

Once you put it in your mouth, you will be amazed at the sweetness and softness.

The sweet cream on the outside of the cake and deep chocolate inside harmonizes to a heavenly flavor!
The fresh cream is not too greasy but just the appropriate degree of sweetness.

Once I ate it, I understood immediately why this was the signature menu.  

Next, the 2nd most popular cake is the Blueberry Cheesecake.
I was amazed at the soft but deep cheese flavor. Even though it is expensive, I could tell that it was no ordinary cake.

사실 개인적으로 아키케이크가 더 맛있지만,

초코를 싫어하는 분들에게 블루베리 치즈 케이크는

실패하지 않는 선택인 것 같습니다.

And JIYUGAOKA's most popular drink is Milk Tea.
JIYUGAOKA's Milk tea is delicious because it's not too sweet or too watery.
In addition, the bubbles on the top tasted very smooth.

The coffee's taste was not too deep but slightly soft.
If you like soft coffee, I recommend you try it.

Even though JIYUGAOKA is known as a cake cafe in Bukchon Hanok Village, it is also famous for the shaved ice menus.
In the summer, mango shaved ice and milk&redbean shaved ice are very popular.

All the ingredients of the shaved ice come out so organized that it even looks like a dinner come out like a dinner table at a quick glance!  
You can mix in the toppings of your choice! 

JIYUGAOKA boils organic red beans as ingredients to put in the shaved ice.
If you visit in the summer, you should definitely cool your heat down by eating the shaved ice menus. 

If you do not like red beans, then you can order the Mango Shaved Ice.
JIYUGAOKA boils mangos to make their own unique mango sauce, so it tastes really good.

Like the Red Bean Shaved Ice, the Mango Shaved Ice's ingredients also come served like a dinner table.
You can mix in the toppings of your choice!   

If you enjoyed JIYUGAOKA's cakes, I recommend you to buy a whole cake.
All of the whole cake costs 38,000 KRW regardless of the flavor.

It is a little expensive, but you would know that it's worth it after a bite.

※A free treat for Creatrip members!

If you certify that you are a Creatrip member in JIYUGAOKA,
you can get receive either a chocolate ball, cookie or brownies which are all handmade at the cafe.

This chocolate ball is the my best recommendation. Chocolate balls are not for sale, but they are exclusive only for Creatrip members.
JIYUGAOKA's chocolate balls contains nuts that are inside the chocolate cake.

It was really sweet and delicious when I put it in my mouth.
I recommend that you experience this tasty flavor by certifying that you are a Creatrip member.  

This cookie is called Mochi Cookie. It looks like it will be of soft texture but actually, it is a solid cookie.
If you put it in your mouth, you will feel a crunchy texture.

The white sugar on the outside tastes sweet and inside the cookie, there are nuts so you will feel the crunch.
Cookie lovers should definitely try this cookie!

This mini-brownie is free service for those of you who ordered shaved ice.
The brownies are very small that you can eat it in one bite.

This brownie is also handmade so the chocolate tasted very moist and soft.
And it wasn't as sweet as I thought it would be which was more enjoyable. Even for those of you who do not like sweetness, you would enjoy this brownie.

Please certify that you are a Creatrip member to get it free of charge.  

## Jiyugaoka Samcheong Branch ##

Opening Hours: 09:00~23:00

Telephone: 02-6487-6156

Address: 서울특별시 종로구 윤보선길 46

How can I receive members benefit at Jiyugaoka  

If you come in as a group, each person has to prove his or her member membership to receive the discount.  

Present your reservation confirmation and your Creatrip membership page to the vendor to enjoy the exclusive discounts and offers!

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The above was a short overview of Jiyugaoka near Samcheongdong, Anguk Station. Please read this blog post carefully and follow the instruction given in this post for receiving the discount. If you have any further inquiry, please  shoot us an email at

서울특별시 종로구 윤보선길 46

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