Locals' Hidden Restaurants and Cafes in Euljiro
Hot and hidden near Myeongdong and Chungmuro: Restaurant and cafe recommendations near Euljiro 1-ga Station, Euljiro 3-ga Station!
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Eujiro is a popular neighborhood among locals and is located near Myeongdong, Chungmuro, and Dongdaemun History and Culture Park. There's an absolute abundance of local restaurants and cafes that have stayed out of tourists' radars. Check them out before they get too famous! 

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Intro to Euljiro

Eujiro is located near Myeongdong and Chungmuro. If you walk along the Cheonggye Creek, you'll get to a point where all the new buildings meet the old buildings. This is Euljiro. A neighborhood that's retained its own unique combination of old and new Seoul vibes!

Eujiro has been the center of commerce since the 60s, and that old feeling is still definitely there on the streets and business signs. You can get to this area from Euljiro 1-ga, Euljiro 3-ga, or Euljiro 4-ga Stations. 

Euljiro Restaurants : 1. Hwangsogojip

Hwangsogojip is located on Cheonggyechun street, and is a lunch favorite of Creatrip employees :)

This joint is a local favorite, known for plentiful side dishes and delicious pepper paste bulgogi. 

It's always packed during lunch hours with local office workers. 

They only offer the one menu during lunch (red pepper paste bulgogi) so there's no need to worry about what to get! 

The thick cut meat, spicy-sweet sauce, and the subtle fire grill flavors of the pepper paste bulgogi is absolutely addicting. While the name is "Hwangso" (bull) the meat is actually pork. This is a true hidden gem that only locals know about! 

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Eujiro Restaurants : 2. Pyeongraeok

Pyeongraeok is so popular that no matter the time of day, there's always a line out the door. Their most popular menu is the Pyeongyang Nangmyun, which is cold noodles with their special rich, cold broth. 

Another popular menu of theirs is the "choggyetang," or cold chicken broth noodles. It's a Korean summer specialty that's lesser known than its health food cousin, samgyetang (hot chicken soup). 

The cold soup is eaten with vinegar and mustard, and it's delicious. Try out this whole new Korean dish near Euljiro 3-ga Station. 

Click here to learn more about Pyeongraeok.

Euljiro Restaurants : 3. Sansugapsan

If a restaurant's already popular among locals, the flavor is just about guaranteed. Sansugapsan is located between Euljiro 3-ga and Euljiro 4-ga, and has been well-loved by locals for a long time. While it may look small and old from the outside, the food is amazing, perfect for some day drinking, breakfast after a night out, or of course, for just a nice, filling meal. 

Try out the Korean dad favorite, the sundaegukbap. 

Sansugapsan serves real sundaegukbap, with real fat sausages made with real pig intestine skin. I know it can sound a little gross, but it's really good, I promise. Please try it once and see for yourself!

Other than sundaegukbap, they also have "sulguk," which is a soup made with rich beef broth. This dish goes perfectly with soju! A short walk away from Eujiro 3-ga Station exit 7, make sure to try this local favorite!

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Euljiro Restaurants : 4. Dongwonjip

  • Address : 22 Euljiro 11-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 07:00-22:00(15:30-16:30 break time); Closed Sundays

 A lot of people can never forget the taste of gamjatang after trying it once during their trip to Korea. Well, Dongwonjip flaunts the best gamjatang in Euljiro!

For 40 years, they have maintained and passed down their gamjatang recipe. The back meat and potato combined with the spicy red soup is a force to be reckoned with. Even to a foreigner like me, the flavors are simply unforgettable   

You can choose between small, medium, and large sizes. But whatever the size, your bowl will be overflowing with food. I recommend you get the sundae (black sausage) as well as the gamjatang. The spicy sauce that comes with the sundae is delicious  

The meat portions are super generous, and the soup here is rich, flavorful, and different, because of the sesame powder and vegetables they put in.

Click here to learn more about Dongwonjip.

Euljiro Cafes : 1. Cetu

  • Address : 4F Chungmu-ro 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 12:00 - 20:00

Cetu is famous on social media for its visually appealing drinks and toasts. It can be hard to find as it's located down a darkish alleyway, but once you're here, you'll be surprised at how pretty it is inside.   

The atmostphere at Cetu is quite cute and girly because of its vintage interior. A lot of young Korean women frequent this place, despite its hidden location. Their popular orders this season include the strawberry black tea, strawberry milk tea, and toast with spread (which you can choose from a variety of flavors)

Cetu is located near Euljiro 3-ga Station. The menu changes each season, so come check it out if you're in the area! 

@Click here to learn more about Cetu.

Euljiro Cafes : 2. Jan

  • Address : 2F 52 Supyo-ro, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : Monday to Saturday 11:30-00:00; Sunday 12:00-20:00

This next cafe is called "Jan," like the Korean word for cup/glass. You'll see that the store has a display of cute teacups when you first walk in, from one of which you can choose to get your drink in   They also have an outdoor seating area right now! 

Both the interior and the outdoors are decorated with a cute vintage style! The main popular menus are the latte and the affogato. 

The outdoor seating area is on the 4th floor, from where you have a beautiful view of all of Euljiro. If you're ever in Seoul during the spring or summer, make sure to have an afternoon enjoying a cup of tea out in the Seoul air.   

@Click here to learn more about Jan. 

Euljiro Cafes : 3. Hotel Susunhwa

  • Address : 4F, 17 Chungmuro 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 12:00 - 00:00

Hotel Susunhwa is more like a vintage studio than a cafe. 

Apparently, the shop actually used to be a studio of some kind before it was turned into a cafe. Not only is it popular on social media, but it's also even been featured in magazines. 

Despite having to get through old and windy Euljiro alleyways to get to the cafe, Hotel Susunhwa is always bustling with patrons. The interesting vintage interior almost makes you feel as if you're in an old-timey movie!

@Click here to learn more about Hotel Susunhwa.

Euljiro Cafes : 4. Coffee Hanyakbang

  • Address : 16-6 Samildae-ro 12-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : Monday - Friday 08:00-22:30; Saturday 11:00-22:00; Sunday 11:00-21:30

Coffee Hanyakbang is a cafe near Euljiro 3-ga Station decorated to look like an old herbal medicine shop. The traditional furniture is new not only to foreigners, but Korean locals as well. It's very different and interesting. 

If you're in Korea, you should definitely check this place out. 

The menu isn't super varied, but the prices are very affordable. What's more is that all the drinks come in old traditional medicine mugs! The atmosphere of the cafe and the novelty of it all was amazing. 

Rediscover a lost part of old Korea in this small alleyway cafe, Coffee Hanyakbang. Highly recommended for those looking for a novel cafe experience! 

@Click here to learn more about Coffee Hanyakbang.

Come check out these local favorites near Euljiro 3-ga and Euljiro 1-ga Station. Be among locals and experience the very intimate parts of Seoul!

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