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All the tips and tricks to Dongdaemun! Introduction to the sites, food, and more!

Haemin Yim
a year ago

Seoul is a city where you can see both old traditions preserved in the alleys and sparkling, modern neighborhoods. This has brought Seoul to become the most visited city in Korea. Dongdaemun is an area that has distinct features of both aspects, where tradition and the future come in harmony. 

From the Heunginjimun Gate and the traditional markets, to shopping centers and the Dongdaemun DDP, you can time travel and experience decades of change in Korea. Still to this day, Dongdaemun is a shopper's haven and where an artist's passion is alive and kicking!

Map of Dongdaemun

There is a lot to do between Dongdaemun Station and Dongdaemun Historical Culture Park Station so it's perfect tourists who are traveling on foot. You can visit Heunginjimun, the original name for Dongdaemun, and the Heunginjimun Park during the day, but it is incredibly fascinating at night so stop by and look at the night view! If you want to stay indoors or need a place to take a rest, stop by the DDP, short for Dongdaemun Design Plaza, where you can see multiple design-related events and exhibitions! Even if you've been there before, there is most likely going to be a new exhibition so it feels like the first time! And we can't not talk about shopping when we're talking about Dongdaemun. There are so many stalls that you would need more than a day to look at them all. 


Due to its rich history, you can find plenty of traditional food in Dongdaemun. If you go hungry after a day of shopping or site-seeing, do not panic! Right next to the shopping center is a traditional food street, and there are also plenty of options in between the many buildings. You can find food like bamboo-infused pork belly or all-you-can-eat marinated raw crab! There is a bulgogi spot that was visited by comedian Yoo-Jae-seok, samgyetang, pig trotters, fried chicken, and more!

Every food you've looked forward to is probably right here in Dongdaemun. Click below to see the list of our restaurant recommendations!

What to Eat in Dongdaemun


When walking the alleys of Dongdaemun, you will come across hidden, trendy cafes. There is a cafe called ChaChaTea Club that is built in a Hanok where you can choose your own tea to brew, a cafe called Jungeurida where the interior was designed to look like a jungle, and also a cafe/cocktail bar that serves cocktails made of fresh fruit called Jang-frigo. All of these unique, trendy cafes are located in Dongdaemun, and there are a lot more! Find a cafe that suits your preferences and stop by!

Cafe Recommendations in Dongdaemun


How much of the past, present, and future of Korea do you want to see? Because Dongdaemun has it all. Heunginjimun and Cheonggyecheon whisper the past, the night view of Seoul represents the present, and the ultramodern DDP represents the future. Spending just a day in the area is not enough to enjoy all that Dongdaemun has to offer but if you want a meaningful, jam-packed day, check out our list of activities in Dongdaemun below!

Dongdaemun Activities


The Dongdaemun Shopping District never sleeps. Literally. Whenever you come shopping in the area, no matter what day or time, you will be able to get some shopping done. There are over 20 large shopping centers and inside are hundreds of stores. Koreans usually like to come here to buy clothes in bulk, or buy fabric and make the clothes themselves, so you will see busy people hurrying the streets of Dongdaemun with large bags full of clothing or fabric. You can also find shoes, accessories, bags, curtains, bed sheets, toys, and so much more! It would be easier to list what you can't find here. 

Shopping in Dongdaemun


Dongdaemun's main subway station is Dongdaemun Station (Line 1, 4) and Dongdaemun Historical Culture Park (Line 2, 4, 5).

Several subway lines stop by the area so it's highly accessible. There's also lots to do and see as we've mentioned above, so you don't have to go anywhere else. There are several ways to get to and from the airport in Dongdaemun so it is convenient to come to Dongdaemun at the start or very end of your trip to Seoul. 6 night buses stop by the area so you can enjoy a Seoul night out without worrying about transportation!

Transportation in Dongdaemun


Where you sleep is a very important factor when it comes to a good trip. If you plan on spending time in Dongdaemun, you can choose to find a place to stay in the area to minimize the time you have to haul around your luggage. There are plenty of affordable 5-star hotels, so if you're interested, check out our list of hotel recommendations below!

Dongdaemun Accommodation Recommendations

We hope that you can enjoy a jam-packed day in Dongdaemun! If you have any questions or concerns, please leave a comment below or send us an email at help@creatrip.com! You can follow us on Instagram, TikTok, and Facebook to stay updated on all things Korea!

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