Home plus Hongdae/Hapjeong Supermarket Expedition!
Instead of a crowded local supermarket, visit Home plus Hongdae/Hapjeong and get a tax refund!
2 years ago

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Everyone will definitely want to experience local supermarkets once they visit in Korea. Home plus Hongdae/Hapjeong has any Korean product from A to Z. It is one of the major supermarkets in Korea like Lotte.

The closest supermarket near Hongdae is Home plus(near Hapjeong subway station). You may wonder what to buy in Home plus and whether the tax refund is available. Today, we would like to introduce our expedition of Home plus Hongdae to everyone!

2019 Home plus Hongdae Expedition

In Home plus Hongdae Supermarket, the entrance and exit are on the same location. You'll first see the liquor section once you enter.  There are also some coffee shops and small restaurants. Many Korean families come to Home plus on weekdays as well. 

There is a frozen food section after the liquor section. As we all know that many of you are not coming to Home plus for this section, so you can just pass by it. It is very interesting to see that many types of soju are sold in large plastic bottles. You will realize how much Koreans love soju here!

Home plus Hongdae/Hapjeong is not that big and also not that small compared to other branches. A good thing about Home plus Hongdae is that the products are displayed in a well-placed manner. It really fits to my shopping order. You may visit other super big sized branches if you have a chance! 

In Home plus Hongdae, you can buy Korean liquors, fish, snacks, instant noodles, seasonings, etc. You can also buy all kinds of daily necessities, cosmetics, and clothings as well. When I first came here, I felt like the moving line is much more better and comfortable than Lotte supermarket in Seoul.

Everyone visiting Home plus rush to the [Happiness of 1,000 won] section once they enter the supermarket. Types of products displayed in this section are changed by periods, and the price also varies from 1,000 won to 3,000 won.

Although there are not many 1,000 won products as you think, a number of famous Korean products are offered at a special price! I'm sure you will find this section very interesting :)

You can also find many products in promotion on a large trolley like this. Can't really stop yourself buying from this section!

As there are many products that you get in a great deal like discounted or Buy One, Get One Free items, you need to get started to carefully think about what to buy once you enter Home plus! 

By the way, Korea is currently putting its effort to prevent African swine flu. I know many of you have asked us about the flu, but this cannot be answered by Creatrip. You may call the epidemic prevention department in person. In this way, you will get more efficient and correct information than asking netizens or us.

Important Notice to Malaysian Travelers:

All kinds of pork and pork-based products(including sausages and pork jerky) are banned to take into Malaysia due to African swine flu.

Duty exemption only applies for alcoholic beverages not exceeding 1 litre and prepared food with a total value that does not exceed RM75.  

Fresh fruits and agricultural products are banned unless you have an import permit.

Although there are many products that you cannot take back into your home country, No Worries! Still, you can have all these delicious items at hotels in Korea :)

Have you ever tried these latest flavors of 'Buldak Bokkeum Myun(Hot Chicken Flavor Ramen)'? The price is around 1,000 won, which is cheaper than convenience stores. Be smart and save money to play more!

Other than all series of Buldak Bokkeum Myun, you will find all kinds of Korean instant noodles. Among them, 'Beef Sea Mustard Soup Noodes' has recently become popular in Korea. Come and find your favorite type of Korean instant noodle in Home plus Hongdae!

'Neo-gu-li(Raccoon Ramen)', One of the famous Korean instant noodles, has recently established new flavor. The one on the lower left corner is the new flavor, less spicy with sesame oil. I always buy bunch of these instant noodles at once and stack up them in my kitchen. 

In Home plus, there is a specific area that you can find all kinds of Korean snacks and chips. Snacks and Chips are displayed in a very simple and orderly manner(sorted by brands), so that you can easily find the item you want. Feel like Home plus knows our purchasing mentality better than anyone else..

Among Korean chips, I personally prefer 'Su-mi(秀美) Chips' than other brands. Which brands or flavor of Korean chips do you prefer? You can find all kinds of Korean chips in Home plus Hongdae!

In addition, small cakes and cookies are also very popular in Korea. They are not only easy to carry but also super cheap! Every time my foreign friends come to Korea, they always rush to the supermarket and sweep everything on the last day. I think the small cakes are really good as a souvenir.

You can't take eyes off from this dazzling snack section, and can't really decide which one to buy. The followings are my personal recommendation for those who are at a loss in the snack section:

New series of 'Orion Chocolate Pie' are my favorite. I can't hold myself and finish everything as soon as they appears in Creatrip office! Home plus often offers special price for those pie items, so please don't miss this chance!

Also, I often heard that some people buy Korean seasonings on the way back to their country. Most of them will buy sesame oil and seasoning powder. Some of them who are really into Korean spicy also buy spicy sauce.

There are many ready made food sold in Home plus (but it is recommended not to buy meat products). You can also buy a package of kit(includes all ingredients needed) for making cozy muffins and Korean traditional desserts. Buy one of these and DIY yourself! 

As I mentioned above in this page, it is highly recommended not to bring pork-based products to your country. If you are not sure whether you can take back to your country, please go to the quarantine counter and ask customer officers.

I know these ready made foods(pork-based products) are very tempting to take back home. So please contact the Epidemic Prevention Department if you are not sure whether you can take these back home.

If you are really into the spicy taste of Korea, you can buy these Korean traditional sauces as well!

For the daily necessities and skin care products take a half of the entire Home plus Hongdae. You may also look around this area to find some good-deal items.

Other than a series of BT21 products, Home plus Hongdae offers a variety of high-quality but cheap toys. You may find Korean parents soothing their children in this section. If you are interested in Korean-type(cute and funny) toys, you may also look around this place!

After your journey in Home plus, don't forget to stop by this place to get a tax refund. After the checkout, you will see the words 'TAX REFUND KIOSK' on the right front. You can get a tax refund according to the following procedures:

We've posted instructions about the tax refund in Korea. You may Click Here to get more info, or ask staffs in Home plus.

I personally feel that Home plus Hongdae is a really good place to go shopping. Although the size of the supermarket is not big as Seoul Lotte Supermarket, the items displayed in Home plus are the essence of the essence! (Can't be compared with any other supermarkets!)

In addition, there are self-packaging section and indoor playground for kind right next to the entrance escalator. For further inquiries, you may ask on-site personnel or the service counter.

Home plus Hongdae Intro

  • Address: 45, Yanghwa-ro, Mapo-gu, Seoul, Republic of Korea 
  • Subway Station: Hapjeong Station Exit 9 and Exit 10
  • Opening Hours: From 10:00 to 00:00
  • Public Holidays: Closed on every Sunday of the second and the fourth week of the month;


Homeplus Hongdae is near from Hapjeong Station, an intersection point of Metro Line 2 and Line 6. It is within walking distance from Hongdae Station and Sangsu Station.

The fastest way to get Home plus is to get out from Exit 10 of Hapjeong Station. The entire large building on the side is Home plus.

Home plus supermarket is located on the second basement. Take the escalator twice, then you will see the entrance of Home plus supermarket. 

So far, this is our latest visit to Home plus Hongdae/Hapjeong in 2019. For those who choose to stay near Hongdae or Shinchon in Seoul, visit Home plus and find your favorite Korean products!

Thank you and see you next time!