TOP 11 Myeongdong Restaurants!
2019 Locals' recommendations on the must-eat places in Myeongdong ??
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Must-dine restaurants in Myeongdong! 2019 Edition

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Ask any foreigner about the most popular Korean neighborhood, and you'll probably hear them say Myeongdong. 

Myeongdong is a real buzzing place, but for shopping or meeting up with friends, local Koreans actually tend to avoid the neighborhood because it can get a little too crowded. 

But that doesn't mean that there aren't any good local-approved food in Myeondong!

So today we're going to be giving you some recommendations on the must-eat places in Myeongdong.

Myeongdong Must-Eats

1. Arirang Pork Belly

  • Address : 2F, 46, Myeongdong 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 11:00 - 23:30 ; Last Order at 22:30

Must-dine restaurants in Myeongdong! 2019 Edition

When you want to eat in Myeongdong but don't have a choice I recommend you come to "Arirang Pork Belly". I came here to eat before and it was really good and worth the money. All the meat here had no smell or pork or beef and was really tasty.

Must-dine restaurants in Myeongdong! 2019 Edition

Unlike the traditional pork belly, the pork belly here at Arirang was mainly thin. This led to the meat to be able to be cooked fast. The fat pork belly can also be eaten together making it a good combination.

Must-dine restaurants in Myeongdong! 2019 Edition

In addition to the Korean BBQ available, Arirang Pork Belly has other Korean dishes ranging from Japchae, Raw Beef, Steamed Eggs, and more. The tteokbokki (Spicy Korean Rice Cake) is also served in an all you can eat basis. Come here to eat a filling meal.

Must-dine restaurants in Myeongdong! 2019 Edition


2. Gobong Samegyetang

  • Address:21 Myeondong 7-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 09:00 - 22:00

Samgyetang is a signature Korean dish that's loved by locals and foreigners alike. It's chicken broth soup. Gobong Samgyetang has been a local favorite for a long while now as they make their soup with only the best ingredients.

This tradition stems from Koreans' belief that the herbs and nutrition from the samgyetang invigorates the body and helps them get through the stifling heat. Gobong Samgyetang uses a variety of ingredients such as mushrooms, vegetables, mung beans, and other Korean herbs to make their broth. The broth is heated for hours on end so that it's extra thick and thoroughly satisfying. 

Many people go to Myeongdong for shopping, and to shop, you need energy. A bowl of samgyetang would be an appropriate choice of meal before setting off on your shopping spree. 

This restaurant is super busy during the lunch and dinner peak hours, so try to avoid these times on weekdays. 

3. Goyonam Myeongdong Branch

  • Address: 서울 중구 명동8나길 10 2F
  • Hours:  Everyday 09:00-00:00
  • Member Benefit: Creatrip members can download the ticket to get 10% discount at Goyonam.

Goyonam is home to the 55cm beef sashimi that has been all over social media. Conveniently located in Myeongdong, Goyonam offers a variety of dishes, including the 55cm beef sashimi, to recharge your energy after your day of shopping at Myeongdong.

If you're a bit afraid of eating raw beef, then I recommend you get the gigantic beef ribs, cooked straight in the pot. Once the server cuts all the meat into smaller pieces, she/he will add vegetables into the pot. Warm, savoury hot pot full of food!

Once the meat and the vegetables soak up the delicious sauce, it's ready to be devoured. A hot pot full of happiness and a sashimi train full of delight!



  • Address : 36 Myeongdong 10-gil, Myeongdong 2-ga, Junggu, Seoul
  • Hours : 11:00 - 23:00

It is not easy to find a restaurant where locals love in Myeongdong. THE SIC-DDANG however is loved by Koreans with especially the lobster course being enjoyed the most.

Seafood dishes in Seoul are not cheap but Myeongdong's THE SIC-DDANG is worth it. You can also enjoy a 10% discount through Creatrip.

The price of the menu is also relatively cheap with it being a very good quality. In addition to the lobster, I also enjoyed the pizza. I will for sure come again the next time I am in Myeongdong.

5. Miseong-Ok

  • Address:54-5 Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 06:00 - 22:00

This beef broth soup is one of the foods I think of when thinking about the best food that represents Seoul. It has a clear broth that has a rich and deep taste of beef.

Some people want to see a thick milky broth but this faint transparent colored broth is truly delicious and exceeds your expectations.

This restaurant is also rich in history with it being there for over 50 years. There are almost no meat smell coming out making it good for even beginners to enjoy a nice hot meal.


6. Hwatteok

  • Address : 15 Myeongdong 4-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 11:00 - 22:00

There is a restaurant in Myeongdong where Koreans have not been to but never been there only once as they always come back! This is Hwa Tteok in Myeongdong. There are a variety of menus ranging from cheese pizza, side dishes, as well as Tteokbokki.

Hwa Tteok Tteokbokki is a large pot of rice cakes filled with a lot of ingredients served along with salad dressing and Italian pasta.

The rice cake is served along with cheese pizza. It has an amazing taste as the spiciness is neutralized with the cheese. It has more fragrance and is satisfying. I recommend that you have to come here when visiting Myeongdong.


7. Ungteori Meats

  • Location : 23 Myeongdong 4-gil, Myeongdong 2-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 11:00 - 00:00

Among Korean cuisine, Pork Belly has to be in the top three. Ungteori Meats is famous for Korean BBQ in Korea.

The reason why this place is so famous is because they are using Korean pork and giving it at a cheap price while still maintaining a high quality.

The golden pork sizzling on the iron plate is served alongside Soybean Paste Stew. When shopping in Myeongdong and you want to eat Korean BBQ make sure to come here! 

8. Amiso

  • Address:5F, One Story Building, 53-1 Myeongdong 2-ga, Seoul
  • Hours : 10:00 - 22:00

There are many Korean dishes in Myeongdong but not many restaurants are recognized by Koreans as authentic. Amiso is one of the few restaurants where they offer delicious Korean dining and is recognized by Koreans.

Although the price may be expensive it is a good value for the price. Enjoy delicious Myeongdong cuisine that tastes of char-grilled meat and Korean-style food.

In Korea, rice in a stone pot usually comes with the food. After eating the majority of the rice, they will pour in hot tea on the rice that is stuck to the bottom of the pot for you to enjoy.

The sticky rice at the bottom when the tea is added will soften and create a whole another taste. Amiso is sure to give you a fresh taste of Korean Cuisine.


9. Hadongkwan

  • Address : 12 Myeongdong 9-gil, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 07:00 - 16:00 (Closed Sundays)


Myeongdong's restaurants have a very fast change rate but there is still one restaurant that remains in the same spot for all these years. It is Hadongkwan which was once where all the locals went to and now is also popular to tourists in Myeongdong.


Hadongkwan uses only Korean beef when cooking the broth and meat in the soup. Eating the radish kimchi together with the broth is an amazing combination.

When ordering you can choose between which beef bone soup you want, the normal or the special. The special adds in lean meat and beef viscera so if you do not want to eat the internal organs of the beef then make sure to tell the store first when ordering.


Koreans love to eat this together with Radish Kimchi. There is also a way to add fresh eggs into the broth and enjoy the thicker beef bone broth.

10. Gangnam Myeon-Ok

  • Address : 5F, 48-2, Myeongdong 1-ga, Jung-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 11:00 - 22:00

Whether you want to just eat a meal or taste authentic Korean cuisine, Myeongdong's Gangnam Myeon-Ok is a great fit.

The twin brothers from the Korean variety show "Superman's Coming Back" have also come to this very restaurant to eat the pork ribs. Gangnam Myeon-ok is most famous for their stewed pork ribs and salty cold noodles.

Stewed pork ribs are made without any artificial flavoring instead natural ingredients such as natural honey.

The stewed pork ribs are perfect for people that cannot eat spicy food as it is sweet. After eating the pork ribs, the remaining soup can then be used for fried rice but the pork ribs are filling enough.

11. HANcook

  • Address : 3F, 126, Namsan Park-gil, Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul  
  • Hours : 11:00 - 23:00 (Last order at 21:30) 

When touring Myeongdong, many people will put visiting Seoul Tower in their itinerary. You might think that there are no restaurants at Seoul Tower but there is HANcook a Korean buffet located on the 3rd floor of Seoul Tower.

The buffet is full of various dishes from Korean cuisine and is good as you can also enjoy the amazing view from the Seoul Tower. Please both your eyes and stomach here!

I recommend you come to HANcook during the afternoon or evening as then you will be able to see the beautiful night scenery of Seoul with all the night lights.

12. The Place Dining

  • Address : 2F, 126 Namsan Park-gil, Yongsan-dong 2-ga, Yongsan-gu, Seoul
  • Hours : 11:00 - 23:00 (Last order at 21:30)

If you don't want to eat Korean food at the Seoul Tower, you can come to "The Place Dining". The restaurant has a 360 view and is a pleasure to dine here.

For couples, it is romantic to enjoy a delicious set menu and enjoy the scenery of Seoul. Next time you come to Myeongdong, come here and experience something unique!

In addition to the beautiful scenery, the food is amazing as it is both fresh and tasty. If you want to taste some good fine dining make sure you come here to The Place Dining!

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