Olive Young Myeongdong Flagship Store [Creatrip Editor's Visit]
Korean girls' beauty item shopping Heaven, Olive Young Myeongdong Flagship Store!
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Today, I would like to introduce you to the famous South Korean cosmetics store Olive Young.

Olive Young is South Korean young people's one of favorite shopping places.

Olive Young is a drug store, so you can buy health supplements, perfume, housing items in addition to cosmetics. 

Today, I will share my review of Myeongdong Olive Young. I will go over the must-buy items from Olive Young with you.

Korean Shopping|OliveYoung:1. OliveYoung Myeongdong Original Store (올리브영 명동본점)

Address:서울특별시 중구 명동길 53

Korean ShoppingOliveYoung:2. OliveYoung Gangnam Store (올리브영 강남본점)

Address:서울특별시 서초구 강남대로 429

Korean ShoppingOliveYoung:3. OliveYoung Busan Gwangbok Store (올리브영 광복본점)

Address:부산광역시 중구 비프광장로 36

韓國必買|OliveYoung:4. OliveYoung Daegu Store (올리브영 대구본점) 

Address:대구광역시 중구 동성로5길 33

Korean ShoppingOliveYoung:5. OliveYoung Myeongdong Store Review

Olive Young Myeongdong flagship store is really big. Unlike the usual Korean Olive Young stores, Olive Young’s flagship store in Myeongdong occupies two floors of the building. 

This store is almost always full of Koreans shopping for Korean beauty and cosmetics products. Let's take a tour around Myeongdong Olive Young Store.

First of all, the first floor is primarily focuses on skincare products. 

Whether it is a Korean or a foreign brand, you can find most of the skincare products in Olive Young Myeongdong Store.

Avene Eau Thermale Facial Spray Mist is Koreans' favorite mist.

Originally made from France, Avene is recently gaining a lot of recognition in Korea. Olive Young Store has many promotions with this brand, so it would be a good time to buy Avene products.

Biotherma Sensivio H2O Cleansing Water is the best selling product among cleansing water items in Korea.

It's not irritating to the skin and easily takes off heavy makeup. Many Koreans use this product on a daily basis.

This item is on sale at Myeongdong Olive Young, so stock them up when you can!

Nux Petal Rose Cleanser is a popular cleansing foam in Korea.

This product was built with mild ingredients. The foam is so mild that it would not irritate the eyes and skin.

Get this item at a discounted price at Myeongdong Olive Young Store.

There are so many brands and types for facial masks. 

Korean Olive Young does not only have a variety of facial masks but also always keep an abundant stock of popular items like mediheal care solution masks.

And these three are masks that Koreans' favorite brands. 

You should stock up on them when you see them in the store (They go out of stock very quickly!)

Come and visit the Olive Young Myeongdong store in South Korea. 

Each brand has its own booth, so it's easy to find the items you want to buy. 

Many Korean and foreign skin care products are on sale, so don't miss out on this opportunity to save some extra bucks from shopping!

At Olive Young Myeongdong, you can test every item. There will be a tester for every product, and you don't have to worry about getting pressured by sales representatives. They won't follow you unless you ask them for help.

Olive Young Myeongdong has many basic skin care items. Test the products and find the items that suit your skin type.

isoi Blemish Serum is the best selling serum in Olive Young.

It significantly reduces skin troubles and blemishes.

Cosrx BHA Blackhead Power Liquid is great for those who get greases throughout the day.

It removes the dead skin cells, sebum, and blemishes. This product is also made with weak acids, so it can soothe the skin with abundant hydration.

Olive Young Myeongdong store also offers many beauty electronic products. You can easily use these products at home.

Some of them are for cleansing, erasing sebum, and etc. 

If you are interested in home beauty cafe, don't miss out this beauty electronics section.

Pond's powder got famous after the Korean singer/celebrity Hong Jing Young revealed this item as her favorite.

Hong Jing Young once drank alcohol on TV. She said in the show that she usually gets a severe Asian flush. However, her face did not change its colors while the rest of her body turned into blazing red. Many people thought the coverage of the foundation and powder was exceptionally good and wondered which product she has used on that day.

In her Youtube channel, she announced that she has mixed a couple of items that day for the base makeup. Pond's powder was one of her long-lasting formulae.

Speaking of Korean beauty stores, you can find a variety of Korean cosmetics products. 

"Lip balm" is also huge in Olive Young. Many lip balms were on special 1+1 and discount promotions when I visited the store.

This lip balm is my absolute favorite item from Olive Young. It is Super popular among Koreans too!

Another category of the beauty items that are popular in South Korea would be fragrance.

The Perfume and fragrance section was the highlight of my visit to Myeongdong Olive Young Store. I could find many inexpensive perfumes at Olive Young. 

The perfume is a great gift for men and women alike. Each perfume has a different package design and is very beautiful.

The fragrance bottles in the photo of Myeongdong Olive Young was extremely beautiful. 

Each scent represents a fresh and unique vibe.

We've browsed most of the items displayed on the first floor. 

Next, we will go to the second floor of Olive Young.

On my way to the second floor, I found Korean Ginseng every time Balance fit health supplement.

Did you know the Korean ginseng is famous worldwide?

You will feel revigorated if you drink the ginseng essence every day.

There are more Korean beauty products on the second floor of Olive Young. Some beauty products can only be found at Olive Young. You can also find many luxury brands on the second floor as well.

You can also test Clinique's best-selling item, the "Flower Blusher" called Cheek POP (Color #17), from the clinique counter. 

This cheek blush comes with many colors and shades. I used to go to the Clinique store in department stores before knowing Olive Young Myeongdong Store.

I was very surprised to see this brand at Olive Young.

If you want to learn which Korean and foriegn cosmetics brands and products are popular in Korea, I would suggest you to pay a visit to the Olive Chang flagship store in Myeongdong. Usually, the department stores go short on stock for many luxury brand items. There is a higher chance of getting the popular beauty items from Olive Young. Many brands are exclusively found in Olive Young flagship store in Korea.

Especially the following brands that I am about to mention are not found in any other Olive Young branches but Myeongdong flagship Store. When you get a chance to visit the store, I would suggest you to stock up on these items.

?Korean Beauty Brand 3CE

Artclass By Rodin Shading Pressed Powder is a signature item of too cool for school.

This item is South Korean girls' favorite shading powder.

too cool for school Artclass by Rodin Shading Pressed Powder creates natural shading on your face. The fine powder adds natural depth to your face. This powder does not make any artificial marks or blotches.

INK's lipstick is both affordable and easy to use. No wonder this brand is so popular in Korea.

In addition to the brands and products I've mentioned earlier in the post, there are so many beauty tools that can be bought in Korea!

So you can get makeup and hair brushes. Facial puffs and easy-to-use Korean beauty sponges will make a great gift for your friends. All of them can be bought from Olive Young.

These Korean beauty sponges are my favorite beauty tool. I highly recommend my friends to buy a bulk of them before going back home. These sponges are compact, light, and useful. They are a great gift for girls.

In addition to the Korean beauty products, the second floor of the Olive Young flagship store in South Korea also sells many pet supplies and food.

 Whether you are looking for a dog and cat food or pet toys, you can easily spot them on the second floor. You can find many interesting things on the second floor of the Olive Young flagship store in South Korea.

Korean Olive Young also sells a lot of snacks. Because Koreans are usually very conscious of their appearance and body images, you can find a variety of diet supplements at Olive Young. If you are interested in the diet snacks, go to the food section.

You can try food shake, a whole grain granola bar, low calory snack and many more.

Some of them are actually delicious. I would suggest you try many Korean snacks.

There are many health supplements, etc.

I was really shocked when I first saw these stationery item esction. The stationary section was full of stationary products, such as stickers, paper tapes, and post-its.

Olive Young Myeongdong Flagship store also offers a variety of hair products. Some of them include shampoo, hair pack, hair dye kit, hair-related home appliance and etc.

The comb shown in the above photo is great for adding volume to your flat hairstyle. Korean people not only care for their faces, but also protect their hair.

In the end, some Kakao friends items might unleash many girls’ drive to shopping. But not just Kakao, there are also Line friends store along with the characters.

Time flew by when I was browsing at Olive Young flagship store in Myeongdong. If you love browsing cosmetics and beauty items, I would highly recommend you to visit this store. The Myeongdong Flagship store has many exclusive beauty items, which cannot be found in other Olive Young stores.

In fact, there are a lot of Olive Young stores in Korea. I would give you the addresses of other popular Olive Young locations in Seoul's major tourist areas. When you have a chance to visit one of the three locations, try stop by at Olive Young to browse for a short period of time.

Korea Shopping|OliveYoung Edae Store (올리브영 이대점)

Address: 서울특별시 서대문구 이화여대길 18

Korea Shopping|OliveYoung Shinchon Store (올리브영 신촌역점)

Address: 서울특별시 서대문구 신촌로 79 성광빌딩

Korea Shopping|OliveYoung Hongdae Store (올리브영 홍대입구역점)

Address: 서울특별시 마포구 양화로 156 LG팰리스빌딩

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