Yeonnamdong, Latest trending place to hang out!
Hongdae and Yeonnamdong, Korean Millennials' favorite place to hang out
4 months ago
Li Zheng Ying @creatripfromSeoul

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Hongdae is a famous university town in Korea. Nowadays, many Korean millennials hangout here.

We've previously covered extensively about Hongdae thanks to its high popularity among foreign tourists.

Recently, the Hongdae area became extremely crowded due to the increased number of visitors.

So, many locals go to Yeonnamdong instead just to avoid the crowd. 

Today, Creatrip will introduce you several places in Yeonnamdong much loved by local Koreans.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot 1. Gyeongui Line Forest Park (경의선 숲길공원)

Address:Exit 3 of the Hongik University Station

After getting out of Exit 3 of the Hongik University Station, you can see a line of grasslands and neat sidewalk with trees. Now you've arrived at one of the trendiest places in the Hongdae and Yeonnamdong area, the Gyeongui Line Forest Park. This park used to be an abandoned railway and is now turned into a refreshing park where citizens can come and rest whenever they feel like it. Every summer, young people gather around in the park and have a picnic with their friends. Seoulites call this park as the Central Park in Yeonnamdong, thus 'Yeontral Park'.

If you want to take a break from the crowded shopping centers, you can take a brief refreshing break in the park and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere. Also, There are many street performers busking from time to time.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:2. Dongjin Market(동진시장)

Address:서울특별시 마포구 연남동 성미산로 198

Yeonnamdong's new shopping venue, Dongjin market.

Dongjin Market is a traditional market where young artists and craftsmen sell their handmade craft items and artwork. 

Dongjin Market was once on the verge of closing down. This market was revitalized by young artists and craftsmen. They recreated this old market into an an artistic venue. Every weekend, you can experience this lively local market coming into life.

Revitalized as interesting shops, these are Hongdae Yeonnnam Cave attractions: Dongjin Market, gathered open kitchens, second-hand clothing stores, jewelry stores, etc. It transformed into a new cultural space. When you come to Hongdae Yeonnnam Cave, you may wish to walk around and stroll around. And maybe, you will find a treasure.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:3. Neon Moon(네온문)

Address:서울특별시 마포구 성미산로 194-11

Neon Moon is a retro-style lifestyle shop. The products sold in this store took inspiration from the 70s-80s American retro style. The store sells stationery items, toys, vintage clothes and tailored clothes of unique design. As soon as you open the door, you will fall into a magical fairy tale world. You can find cute, antique souvenirs here. 

Travel back in time with the dolls and toys that we used to play with when we were little. 

Most of the customers coming to Neon Moon are girls. This store is full of pretty dolls, such as Barbie, Sponge Bob and unicorn. Do you want go back to your childhood? Come and check out Neon Moon.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:4. Tingklu(팅클유)

Address:서울특별시 마포구 성미산로26길 33

TInklu is the most famous DIY bracelet shop in Yeonnamdong.

At Tinklu, you can make your own bracelet. You can customize the style and color of the bracelet, and include letterings or charms with additional costs. This DIY bracelet is not available anywhere else in the world, so it will be a unique souvenir. You can also make same bracelets for your friends and for beloved ones. 

Since all the bracelets made at Tinklu is customized, you can ask for engraving memorable words and phrases to commemorate your special occasion. If you are looking for a unique souvenir for your beloved ones and friends, I recommended you to check out Yeonnamdong Tingklu.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:5. When You Miss Your Mother's Home Cooking(밥 해주는 남자)

Address:서울 마포구 성미산로 152

While you walk along the narrow alley of Yeonnamdong, you might encounter this small restaurant. When You miss your mother's home meal, this place is the one to visit. (밥 해주는 남자) is a famous restaurant in Yeonnamdong for a big spicy Tteokbokki pot with a whole squid.

You will taste the heaven if you order a bokkeumbob (fried rice) after finishing Tteokbokki.

Do you want to try spicy Tteokbokki with fresh seafood and ingredients? Come to Hongdae Yeonnamdong when You miss your mother's home meal and taste this special Tteokbokki. You can also request for mild flavor for your Tteokbokki.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:6. Yeonnam BBQ(연남고깃집)

Address:서울특별시 마포구 연남동 256-1 

Yeonnam BBQ is the all-you-can-eat BBQ place. You can stuff your tummy with quality pork and beef BBQ.

This barbecue restaurant in Yeonnamdong is a Korean-style barbeque place. This restaurant has numerous Korean regulars because it offers an all-you-can-eat option and you can get unlimited samgyeupsal (3-layer pork belly) barbeque. This restaurant does not get too crowded except for weekends dinner. 

You can also try other meats, such as O-gyeupsal (5-layer pork belly) and pork neck meat slice. If you want to try Korean BBQ in Yeonnamdong, I would recommend this place.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:7. Hongdae Milbang(홍대밀방)

Address:서울 마포구 동교로 209-1

This restaurant is the most famous Kalgooksoo (Korean flour noodles) restaurant in Yeonnamdong.

Hongdae Milbang's famous flour noodles made with ground perilla seeds (들깨 칼국수) contain perilla seeds. My favorite part of this special soup noodles is the thick, slowly simmered soup. 

This special menu used to be offered only in winter. So every winter, Korean customers visited this store to taste this special menu. After receiving hundreds and thousands of requests from the customers, the Hangdae Milbang chef decided to offer this special menu all-year-round.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:8. Aphilip(아필립)

Address:서울 마포구 성미산로 191

Aphilip is Yeonnamdong's famous pork rib barbeque restaurant. The grilled ribs are marinated with fresh olive oil. This Korean style pork rib barbeque goes along with the fermented hairtail fish and green onion kimchi.

The portion is not too big, but the meat is very tender and tasty.

Yeonnamdong Hot Spot:9. Youn's Grill Room(윤씨그릴방)

Address:서울 마포구 성미산로 184

Youn's Grill Room is a famous gourmet restaurant for fusion Korean food in Yeonnamdong.

People line up in front of the restaurant to try exclusive dishes including the whole smoked Samgyeup Barbeque (Chunky 3-layered pork pot belly). You will be surprised to taste the unique combination of pork belly marinated with cheese powder and sesame. 

I recommend you to order a set menu.

Besides the pork barbeque, I also recommend you to try "Black Miso Soup with rice" or "Pork with Fried Rice." The latter dish uses Korean traditional sesame oil and many Koreans come to this store to reminisce about their childhood. 

Today, Creatrip editors shared Koreans' trendy restaurants in Yeonnamdong.

If you have any question, please leave us a comment.

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