Snacks You Should Try While In Korea
Introducing eleven of my all-time favorite Korean snacks
4 days ago
Li Zheng Ying @creatripfromSeoul

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You simply can't come all the way to Korea and miss out on all the DELICIOUS snacks available here. Go around to all the foodie restaurants, but make sure to also head over to the supermarkets to grab some of these Korean snacks.

Of course, I know it can be overwhelming once you get to the snack aisle and are faced with the hundreds and hundreds of choices. That's why I'm writing this post to today, to introduce to you some of my personal favorites and all-around good snacks enjoyable to anyone. 

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Korean Snack Recommendations:1. Choco Heim

First on the list is Choco Heim, from the #1 Korean snack company CROWN. 

It's chocolate hazelnut flavored, and there are two pieces inside each wrapper. You're probably going to finish both pieces. It's that good. 

The crispy biscuit is filled with a sweet chocolate cream. It's one of my favorites to eat while watching TV since it doesn't get too messy or get all over your fingers. 

The chocolate filling inside. These are better when frozen, so I hope you have a fridge at your accommodation!

Korea Snack Recommendation:2. Couque D'asse

The second recommendation is another one from CRWON, and one of my absolute favorites. Couque D'asse biscuits come single packaged, so it's a great snack to share. There's not a whole lot quantity-wise, but it's still an all-around favorite. 

It's easy to break the biscuit because it's so thin and soft. There's a thin layer of milk-flavored cream between the two biscuit pieces that is just the right amount of sweet. If you like soft biscuits, you're going to love this. 

Korea Snack Recommendation:3. No Brand Purple Sweet Potato Chip

No Brand is available only in Korea, so you have to try these while you're here. 

The price rose a little, but at only 1,180 KRW, it's still a cheap and cheerful favorite. 

It's something I always make sure to pick up whenever I come across a No Brand store.

Naver @ sara960527

Instead of the salty potato chips that usually come in this packaging, these are made sweet with sugar. It's sweet, salty, and dangerously easy to finish a whole can in one sitting while watching Netflix. 

Korea Snack Recommendation:4. Ummason Pie

Ummason Pie isn't super famous, but the crispy, sweet layers are super addicting and good. 

There are two pieces inside the small wrapper. It looks a little dry and hard, but it's actually pretty soft and sweet like hotteok.

Korea Snack Recommendation5. Home Run Balls

Home Run Balls are my personal favorite snack. It's a fun, bite-sized snack. 

The outside is a thin, puffed layer with chocolate filling inside. 

There's a quaint myth that goes with this snack: Koreans say that if you eat Home Run Balls while watching baseball games, your team will be more likely to hit a home run. That's why it's a popular snack to eat at baseball games. 


Korea Snack Recommendations:6. Chic Choc

The designer on our Creatrip team loves these snacks. They say that it's a miniature version of the subway cookies. 

Not only does Chic Choc look like a mini subway cookie, but tastes like it too. It's sweeter than most other snacks; I think if you're normally a fan of chocolate chip cookies, you're going to like this. 

Korea Snack Recommendation:7. FrenchPie

Another favorite of mine, FrenchPie. It's a crispy pastry-type snack topped with strawberry jam.

Like the Choco Heim introduced above, it's better frozen; the strawberry jam somehow gets more flavorful and chewier frozen. 

Korea Snack Recommendation8. Lotte Chocolate Cake (Moncel Kakao Cake

This snack is always stocked at the Creatrip office, because we order a box online every week. Koreans categorize Moncel as chocolate cake rather than chocolate pie, because that's what it is, really - a bite-sized chocolate cake. To me though, it just looks like another version of Choco Pie (another famous, older Korean snack)

There's a sweet white cream filling inside between two layers of chocolate bread. 

It's not as sweet as Chic Choc, but again, if you're a fan of chocolate, this little cake packs a flavorful punch of kakao chocolate. 

Korea Snack Recommendation9. Kkotgerang

If you're tired of sweet snacks, pay attention to this savory little bag of Kkotgerang.

Usually Koreans like sweet snacks better, but Kkotgerang is popular nonetheless. 


Kkotgerang is sort of shrimp-flavored, but it's not so salty. You might think the crab-flavored snack might taste fishy, but it really doesn't. Just savory goodness. 

There's also different flavors of Kkotgerang, including "Fire Jjamppong" and Wasabi. I've only tried the original, but if you're feeling adventurous, definitely have a go at the newer flavors. 

Korea Snack Recommendation10. Sumi Chip(秀美 Chip

A lot of you have probably already heard of Sumi Chip, since it's so famous. Out of all the different potato chips out there, this one is the best. 

There's also different flavors like Honey Mustard, Basil Pesto, Onion, etc. 

We here at Creatrip are a big fan of just the original because it's just a clean and simple flavor. It's become more popular since Suzi, a popular Korean celebrity, advertised it for a while. 

Korea Snack Recommendation11. Lotte Binch

The final snack we're going to be talking about today is the Binch cookies from Lotte. It's a chocolate flavored cookie, but rather than the thicker ones you typically see, it's a thin biscuit covered in a layer of chocolate. 

If you're not sure which snacks you're really going to like out of all the Korean snacks, I'd recommend going for Binch first. It's an all-around solid snack. 

We went through some Korean snacks that you might want to try while you're in Korea. Now, you don't have to feel so overwhelmed in the snack aisle!

Until next time!

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