Must-buys at Lotte Mart
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4 years ago

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You will visit Lotte Mart at least once during your stay in Korea. 

Lotte Mart is one of the three major retail brands for grocery shopping. Just imagine the Korean version of Wall Mart.

In addition to the grocery shopping, you can also buy many housing, fashion and home appliances as well.

If you are a shopper, you might get overwhelmed by the extensive range of products represented in Lotte Mart. 

In this post, I have handpicked the things you must buy from Korea Lotte Mart. 

Follow my lead, guys! 

Shopping in Korea:Lotte Mart Shopping

  • Opening Hours:10:00 to 23:00
  • Holidays:Second and fourth week Sundays

This is the list of the Lotte Mart locations that are less crowded. I will also include each location's opening hours.

Seoul Station Branch (서울점) Opening Hours:10:00 to 24:00

  • Incheon Majang Service Area Branch(마장휴게소점)Opening Hours:09:00 to 22:00
  • Incheon Yeongjongdo Branch(영종도점)Opening Hours:10:00 to 22:30
  • Suwon CIty Hall Branch (수원시청점)Opening Hours:10:00 to 21:00
  • Gyeonggi Yangpyeong Branch(경기양평점)Opening Hours:10:00 to 22:00
  • Chungcheongbukdo Jecheon Branch(제천점)Opening Hours:10:00 to 22:00
  • Chungcheongbukdo West Cheongju Branch(서청주점)Opening Hours:10:30 to 23:00
  • Jeollabukdo Deokjin Branch(덕진점)Opening Hours:10:00 to 22:00
  • Busan East Busan Branch(동부산점)Opening Hours:10:00 to 22:00

Shopping in Korea: Seoul Station Lotte Mart

Seoul Station is the transportation hub in Korea. Seoul Metro line 1, 4, Gyeongbu Line, Gyeongui LIne, AREX, and KTX all stop at this station. Therefore, the mart has many convenient facilities for travelers.
Lotte Supermarket in South Korea is very suitable for shopping grocery items. The Seoul Station Lotte Mart is especially convenient for last minute shopping for various reasons. First,  public transportation is extremely convenient. Second, the business hours run until late at night, so many tourists spend idle time before catching their train or before heading the airport. passengers. This location has many locker facilities and even provide postal services.

Moreover, Lotte Supermarket offers an exclusive member's prices on many products during the promotion period. You can easily join as a member on the lotte mart website. After signing up, you can receive the member's discount instantly. Also, foreign members are eligible for a tax refund on the spot.

Shopping in Korea:How to get to Lotte Supermarket in Seoul?

You can either take a subway or train or KTX to get to Seoul Station (The Lotte Mart is located near Exit 1). After taking the escalator, you will soon see the Lotte Mart.

  • Seoul Metro Line 1
  • Seoul Metro Line 4
  • Gyeongui‧Gyeongbu Line
  • Airport Railway (AREX)
  • KTX

Seoul Station Lotte Supermarket also has a variety of beauty brands represented in the store. 

Almost every road shop brands' product can be found in the store. The cosmetics stores are located on the second floor of the building. 

There is also a huge area for clothing and accessories on the same floor. Isn't it very convenient?

Shopping in Korea:Seoul Station Lotte Supermarket Tax Refund

The tax rebate for Seoul Lotte Supermarket is based on the 「on-site instant tax refund」policy. If you spend more than 30,000 Won for the entire purchase,  you can get a refund for the sales tax at the time of checkout. The bill should automatically charge you the “tax-free” price. 

Shopping in Korea:Must-buy Products from Lotte Mart

I personally handpicked the items must be bought in Lotte Supermarket in Korea for everyone's reference. I hope that everyone can buy satisfactory Korean products.

Shopping in Korea:1. Honey Butter Chips(허니버터)

Those of you who follow trends in South Korea should recognize this seasoned potato chips. The honey butter series is not just a regular bag of potato chips. It contains a special honey buttercream flavor. Many South Koreans go crazy for this snack. I would say this snack is one of the number 1 items that must be bought from Lotte Supermarket. Don't miss it out!

The success of honey butter potato chips has led to the introduction of many spin-off items. Now you can enjoy the honey butter almonds, or even try the new honey cinnamon, mustard, or other innovative flavors.

Shopping in Korea:2. Yogurt Jelly(요구르트 젤리)

The Korean Yakult is another Korean snack that many people are obsessed with. A similar item is available in Taiwan, but the price in South Korea is way cheaper. If you want to buy a lot of them, I would recommend you to buy them from Korea at a cheaper price. This item can be easily found in most of the convenience stores in Korea.

Other popular jelly flavors are iced watermelon flavored jelly (수박바젤리). This jelly is in a super cute watermelon shape.

Shopping in Korea3. COUQUE D'ASSE(쿠크다스)

You can also find many delicious cookies from Lotte Mart at discounted prices. The two products in the photo are made by the same brand. These two cookies are South Koreans' favorite snacks in South Korea. I sometimes witness a few tourists stocking up on these two items along with the watermelon jelly when I shop at Lotte Mart (수박바젤리). The sophisticated packaging also make  great souvenirs for tourists. The price is chea too.

Shopping in Korea:4. Turtle Chips(꼬북칩)

Turtle chips is another must-buy snack from Korea. It is very famous for its addctively strong seasoning. I sometimes feel that the weight of this bag of chips is getting less and less.

Shopping in Korea5. O Yes Chocolate Cake/Chocochip Choco Pie

The Orange flavored O' Yes chocolate pie can only be found in South Korea. Although the concept of this dessert cake sounds strange, the actual taste isn't. I also don't know why, but the chocolate and orange work very well with each other. If you come to Lotte Supermarket, you may wish to take this item back home.

Other tasty chocolate pies include "Choco Pie Jung" or "Market O." Koreans usually love sweet desserts and snacks. No matter which supermarket you visit, you will see the stack of chocolate pie in every where. When you come to Lotte Supermarket, you must buy these chocolate pies. Try some innovative flavors. Be Bold!

Shopping in Korea6. Cheese Choco Pie(치즈 초코파이)

This is a new chocolate pie flavor released by Lotte. There are many kinds of flavors for the choco pie, but I personally likes the taste of cheese in this product. I always end up binge eating this item. I would definitely recommend this item for cheese lovers.This item can only be found in Lotte Supermarket.

Shopping in Korea:7. Shin Ramen(辛라면)

Shin Ramen would probably be the representative Korean instant noodle that are known all over the world. Since this instant noodle can be easily found in many international cities, I would recommend other Korean instant noodles, such as Ansungtangmyeon (안성탕면) from Nongshim (농심), Sanyang firey chicken noodles (삼양불닭볶음면). If you can't make a choice, You can always choose the classic.

Shopping in Korea8. Firey Chicken Noodle(불덝볶음면)

Buldak Fried chicken fried noodles has gained global popularity. This ramen is excessively spicy. If you are looking for an exotic, extremely rare flavor , Please consider buying it. You can also buy many spin-off items (In the right photo). This Carbonara sauce Buldak fried noodles is not so spicy. You can also add more cheese if you like.

Shopping in Korea9. Real Cheese Instant Noodles(리얼 치즈라면)

This instant noodle is not yet so popular among Koreans, but I personally love this product! 

Real Cheese instant noodle has a strong cheese scent. I am a huge cheese fan, so I always bring a whole pack of this ramen home. I hope to taste the cheese is a little more. You can add less water if you want to taste more cheese.

Shopping in Korea10. Korean Soju(소주)

Korean soju is also one of the must-buy items in Korea. Soju recently became very pouplar abroad. However, the exported soju has limited flavors and the price fluctuates depending on the stock. Many people who love Korean Soju must try different tastes when they are in Korea. In Lotte Supermarket, you can find many Soju in plastic bottles, so you can easily put them in your check-in bags.

Shopping in Korea11. Iseul Tok Tok(이슬톡톡)

This peach sparkling alcohol is popular among girls. It is one of the must-buy alcoholic beaverages for many visitors. The packaging is also very cute. Many girls first taste this soju because of the pacakging. The alcohol by volume is less than 3%.

Shopping in Korea12. Makgoli(막걸리)

When it comes to Korean alcohol, Makgoli is a fermented rice wine. Makgoli usually tastes sweet. The alcoholic volume less than 4%. The one that I am about to introduce, Icing, has a grapefruit flavor and a cute packaging. 

This Makgoli is also one of the list of alcohols that must be bought in Korea. If you want to drink the original taste of Makgoli, look for regular Makgoli.

Shopping in Korea:13. Canned ham / conditioning package

Do not bring any meat products to your home country. Check your home country's customs regulation rules.

When you come to South Korea, you may get tired of trying foreign cuisine every day. But when you go back home, you might miss the taste of Korean food. In Korea Lotte Supermarket or other large supermarkets, you can get simple packages of pre-cooked Korean food. However, you have to be careful about your home country's customs rule. Some countries reinforce strict regulations on ham and meat prodcuts.

I would suggest you to check the rules and guidelines of your country's customs regulation before buying any meat products in Korea.

Shopping in Korea:14. Seseame Oil

Many tourists buy Korean sesame oil back home. On the one hand, Korean seseame tastes a bit strong. On the other hand, this item is compact and convenient to transport. The Korean seseame oil comes with plastic and glass bottles.

Shopping in Korea:15. Paldo Bibimmyeon(발도 비빔면)

For Koreans, the first thing that comes to their mind woudl be "Paldo Bibimmyeon noodles." After pouring the hot water, rinse the noodles twice or three times with cold water. Add cucumber, boiled egg, seaweed, sesame oil, etc. The taste of the instant noodle will get better. If you are tired of the general instant noodles, try Paldo instant noodles.

Shopping in Korea:Seoul Lotte Market ORGA

The Seoul Lotte Market ORGA is a store within the Lotte Market that specializes in organic food and ingredients.

Some common Korean traditional snacks are also sold at the Lotte Supermarket ORGA. 

For elders, this kind of goods and snacks are great souvenirs.  

This Korean-style pancake powder mix (호떡믹스) is available in several flavors: original, matcha, and pumpkin. You can also make Korean pancake from scratch with the included recipes. 

In addition, you can find many Korean pre-made packages that make muffins, cakes, brownies, biscuits and even jam. It does not require a cumbersome cooking process. You can easily makevarious items with a microwave oven. For those who want to buy it, try as many flavors as possible.

Did you find anything you want to buy from Lotte supermarket products in Korea from the list? Come and write them down on your shopping list. If you come to Korea Lotte Supermarket and buy the products I've mentioned, you won't regret your choice.  

I will see you again in my next post!