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The hottest tourist attraction in Busan: Haeundae Cheongsapo

6 years ago

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Busan is the second largest city in Korea. An increasing number of tourists are visiting Busan every year. Recently, many Koreans are visiting Cheongsapo Village in the Haeundae district.

Cheongsapo is located below Haeundae Dalmatee Street. It's a small, quiet village near the famous Haeundae beach. Many Koreans recommending this village as one of the best trip routes for exploring Busan Haeundae.

Today, Creatrip will let you know the major attractions in Cheongsapo and give you some travel ideas.

Korea Busan Haeundae 1. Milyang Pork Soup Rice (밀양순대돼지국밥)

Busan People's favorite pork soup restaurant

Speaking of the most famous food in Busan, this is the famous pork soup rice! Milyang blood sausage pork soup rice does not only have regulars coming from nearby, but rather have tourists coming from out-of-the-region areas just to eat this soup! 

So if you come to Busan, South Korea, you should not miss this local Busan food.

The pork soup rice sold at Milyang is very thick and rich even without seasonings. 

You can feel the essence of Busan pork soup rice when you taste the soup.

There is no smell of pork! 

I myself cannot stand the pork smell, but I didn't have any problem with this one.

This restaurant is located near the Haeundae street. 

Many people will take a walk for 15~20 minutes on Gunam Road.

If you have plans to visit Haeundae, quickly stop by here and eat a bowl of hot soup rice. 

You don't have to wait for a long time. 

As long as you can spare 5 minutes, you can eat delicious pork soup rice~!

Friends who don’t like blood sausages, just go with "pork soup rice (돼지국밥)"!

There will be no blood sausages in pork soup rice.

For more information about Haeundae Food in Busan, South Korea - Please visit here for information on Milyang Pork Soup Rice!

Address : 부산 해운대구 구남로24번길 3

Korea Busan Haeundae 2. Cafe Paul Cezanne(폴세잔)

European style Haeundae cafe- Paul Cezanne

Next, I want to introduce you to this unique restaurant in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea. 

This is the Paul Cezanne Cafe.

In fact, Paul Cezanne is located in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea.

This cafe is full of European furniture and decorations!

The Paul Cezanne cafe does not look spacious seeing from the outside. 

However, you can also seat on the terrace on the 1st and 2nd floors. There are plenty of seats, and you don't have to worry about grabbing seats for you and your friends.

The overall color shceme of this café is dominated by pink and white! 

If you like European architecture and Rococo style decorations, I would definitely recommend this cafe.

In this cafe, you can find many ornaments in European styles~ 

Every angle will make an instagrammable phpoto in Paul Sezanne.

Enjoy an elegant afternoon tea time with your friends.

You can take a lot of beautiful photos in the cafe while walking around~

One more thing, Paul Sezanne is known as a gourmet cafe in the Haeundae area for a reason.

I've ordered the French Madeleine cake and tiramisu, and was very impressed by the taste! They were very delicious!

If you are craving for a little dessert, Paul Cezanne is a great place to fulfil your needs. 

If you come here, don't just order coffee or drinks. Make sure to try desserts here!

If you have the chance to come to Paul Cezanne near Haeundae, Busan, make sure you order delicious desserts! 

 For more information about Haeundae in Busan, South Korea - Paul Cezanne, please click here!

Address: 부산 해운대구 좌동순환로8번길 60

Korea Busan Haeundae 3.Cheongsapo Wallpaint Village(청사포 벽화마을)

Busan Free Walking Spot - Located near the scenic Observatory of Cheongsapo- a lovely and warm mural village 

Next, I want to introduce you to this attraction that you must visit near Haeundae, Busan, South Korea. 

This is a mural village near the famous Haeundae beach called Cheonsapo Mural Village.

On the wall of the 58th Street Houses in Cheonsapo, You can find various murals and wall paintings containing different themes and styles. 

You can find mermaid princess, fish, shellfish, conch, boat, the ocean view and more!

 It fully shows the unique charm of Cheonsapo beach~~ 

There are many fishermen living in this village. 

Because there are that many tourists visiting this place yet, the village is full of quiet atmosphere throughout the day. 

It you want to reserve yourself a quiet time, take a walk around this area. 

This is a good place to stay away from the crowd!

If you come to Busan, I hope you can find these beautiful artworks in Cheongsapo. 

Treat yourself with a quiet and laid-back afternoon.

On top of these murals, the true charm of Haeundae is fully shown. 

Make yourself at home in these beautiful seaside village.

If you want to come here, get out of Exit 1 of Haeundae, and take No. 2 community bus from the Haeundae Telephone Station Stop. 

Then get off at Cheongsapo Supermarket Station. From here, you will see the mural village!

 For more information about Haeundae, Busan, South Korea - Click here for information on Cheongsapo Mural Village!

Address : 부산광역시 해운대구 청사포로58번길 97

Korea Busan Haeundae 4. Cheongsapo Lighthouse (청사포 등대)

Busan Free Walking Spot - Located in the vicinity of the scenic Cheongsapo Stepping Stone Observatory - Cheongsapo Lighthouse

Next Busan Haeundae attraction is the most famous attraction in Cheongsapo. It's Cheongsapo Lighthouse!

In fact, this South Korea Busan Haeundae attraction - Cheongsapo Lighthouse is located near the famous Cheongsapo stepping stone observatory.

There are a red lighthouse and a white lighthouse facing each other.

Everyone calls these two lighthouses the "twins"~ 

This lovely name made these two lighthouses even more famous! Haha!

From the red lighthouse, you can look at the white lighthouse. 

Look at the scenery of the sea and the white lighthouse. Just watching this scenery makes me feel tranquil.

From the white lighthouse, you can also photograph the beautiful scenery of the red lighthouse~ 

I would highly recommend these two lighthouses when you are looking for a place to go in Haeundae. Go up to the lighthouse and take a look at the beautiful sea. You will be able to make your complicated mind calm down! !

 If you want to go to this place in Busan, get out of Exit 2 of Haeundae Statio.

After getting off at Cheongsapo Station after taking No. 2 community bus, you will soon be able to see these light houses.

 For more information about Busan Haeundae attractions in South Korea - Cheongsapo Lighthouse, please click here!

Address: 부산광역시 해운대구 중동 591-21

Korea Busan Haeundae 5. Cafe Rooftop(카페 루프탑)

Busan Free Walking Spot - Located near scenic Observatory of Cheongsapo, overlooking the sea 

This cafe in Haeundae, Busan, South Korea is very famous for watching the oceanview. 

 Rooftop is located in Haeundae, Cheongsapo. This location recently became very famous! > < 

After entering the alley next to Caffe Bene, You will see a building on the right hand side.

 Rooftop is on the 4th floor of the buildling!

The interior of this coffee shop Rooftop is decorated with a variety of lights and collectibles~ 

This place is full of romantic decorations.

This place is very suitable for taking beautiful selfies~

Café Rooftop is located on the highest floor of the tallest building in Cheongsapo. 

Thus, you can see the oceanview from the terrace. The view seeing from the top floor of the cafe is breathtaking ! ! !

 If you want to see the oceanview without any obstruction, check out this cafe.

<Cafe Rooftop in Haeundae, Cheongsapo>

Enjoy a warm ocean breeze with a sip of coffee!

Because the Rooftop is located on the 4th and 5th floors, the height is relatively high.

 Therefore, children are forbidden to enter the terrace.

If you come to Busan with your children, make sure you keep an eye on your children.

If there is no seat on the 4th floor terrace, go up to the rooftop.

 Do you see this light on the wall that says ROOFTOP? 

Follow the arrow and you will see a door, and go upstairs through that door.

This is the view seen from the top floor of Rooftop. Isn't it breathtaking?

This top floor is also super worth to see!

But how do you get to Rooftop? After exiting from Exit 2 of Haeundae Station, take No. 2 community bus. After getting off at Cheongsapo Station, walk toward Caffe Bene. ^^

 For more information about Korea's Busan Haeundae Café - Rooftop, click here!

Address : 부산광역시 해운대구 청사포로 139-4

Korea Busan Haeundae 6. Cheongsapo Stepping Stone Observatory(청사포 다릿돌 전망대)

Busan Freedom Tour - Busan Tourist Attractions, popular among Koreans - Cheongsapo Stepping Stone Observatory

I recently visited Haeundae, Busan by myself.

 The attraction that Koreans never miss would be Cheongsapo Stepping Stone Observatory!

In fact, the Cheongsapo stepping stone observatory is a very famous tourist sight.

You can see the East Coast sunrise and sunset from this spot! 

If you are a person who likes to watch sunrise or sunset, you should definitely come here.

This observatory 20m high above the sea level, and it extends all the way to the ocean. 

At the bottom of the observatory, you can find a half-moon shaped transparent glass floor.

Enjoy a thrill on top of this glass floor! Haha~ Make special memories!

But how do you get to the Cheongsapo stepping stone observatory?  

Take No.2 community bus from Exit 2 of Haeundae Station

. After getting off at Cheongsapo Station, follow the big street.

Go up stairs shown in the photo, then walk a little further down until you get to the stepping stone observatory!

In fact, there are many street signs on the roadside. 

You will find the way without getting lost!

For more information about the Haeundae attractions in Busan, South Korea - the information on the Observatory of Cheonsapo, please click here!

Address : 부산광역시 해운대구 중동 산3-9

Korea Busan Haeundae 7. Matchandeul Salt Pork BBQ (맛찬들 왕소금구이) 

Busan free food - the staff will help you with the barbecue, the most famous pork belly restaurant in Haeundae

At the end of the tour of Haeundae, Busan, treat yourself with something delicious.

Remove the exhaustion of your journey and mark your day in Busan with a bliss!

 In fact, this pork salted pork belly tastes like a franchise BBQ restauarant.

This is a very famous BBQ restaurant in Busan, and the waitress or waiter will help you roast the thick pork slices!

This BBQ restaurant is very popular among the locals due to its freshness. 

Busan people will definitely mention is this savory salt pork BBQ!

And this shop uses freshly sliced pork. 

Unlike other rotisserie restaurants, Matchangol does not use cheap frozen pork slices.

The meat is super thick!

Take a look at how thick each slice is! 

Look at this golden three-layered Samgyopsal! 

And see how thick the pork neck slices are! 

Remember to eat the pork slices with the special dipping sauce. 

The moment you tastes it, you will loose your speech! Ha Ha!

Although many BBQ restaurants are in Haeundae. My personal favorite was definitely this restaurant!

 I would like to recommend everyone to try this salt pork BBQ restaurant in Haeundae~~

If there are more than two people to share, order at least three plates of pork to play safe~

You can start ordering from two plates, only (Sorry solo diners!)

Stone pot rice and Kimchi jjigae can be ordered seperately.

If you are traveling in a group of 2-3 people, it is recommended to order a stone pot rice and Kimchi Jjigae!

If you have the opportunity to travel to Haeundae, Busan, South Korea, don't forget to taste this savory ppork barbecue!

For more information about the Haeundae cuisine in Busan, South Korea - please click on the information on Matchandeul barbecue!

Address : 부산 해운대구 해운대로608번길 46

The popular tourist attractions of Haeundae in Busan, South Korea are explained in this post.

I gave you the list of places I have personally visited! 

 Busan has many famous sightseeing spots other than Cheongsapo! Make sure you do your research before taking a trip to Busan!

If you still want to know about more about the attractions of Haeundae or Busan, please leave your question as a comment to this post.

I will see you again in my next post!

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