10 Best-selling items from innisfree
Korean editor's top 10 picks from innisfree. Don't miss out!
4 months ago
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Innisfree is a popular road shop cosmetics brand in Korea.

Do you want to buy something from innisfree, but still are unsure of which one to get?

Don't sweat it!

I will give you the list of hottest innisfree items Koreans go crazy for.

Are you ready? Let's review!

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Best-selling innisfree items:1. Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask (수퍼 화산송이 클레이 무스 마스크) 100ml


@ innisfree Official Website

There are two most best-selling product lines at innisfree.

One of them is the volcanic clay series, which I am about to introduce to you right now.

Although the original innisfree volcanic clay mask got famous first, Koreans prefer this "Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask" over the original.

@ innisfree Official Website

In general, the original volcanic clay mask has a thicker texture. The original clay mask is difficult to apply on the face.

On the other hand, the super volcanic clay mousse mask has a softer, mousse-type texture and one can easily apply it on the skin without difficulty.

Super volcanic clay mousse mask does not completely remove sebum. However, it can gently remove the unwanted skin residuals from the surface of the skin.

After using this mask on a regular basis, your skin will have a smoother texture.

@ innisfree Official Website

You cannot expect a dramatic difference after one-time use.

You need to use this mask for At least 2 times a week to see the gradual improvements. 

Your face will retain glow and have fewer blackheads after continuous usage. 

Plus, this product is also effective at removing the skin residuals from the surface of the skin, so your skin can be brighter.

You will definitely feel the difference once you use this item for a long time.

<Korean innisfree Super Volcanic Clay Mousse Mask Review Vlog

Best-selling innisfree items:2. Green Tea Seed Serum (그린티 씨드 세럼) 80mL


@ innisfree Official Website

Among the two major product lines of innisfree in Korea, the green tea line is another popular line other than the volcanic clay line.

The Innisfree green tea seed line contains skin, lotion, cream, and essences. Among the products mentioned before, the green tea seed essence is innisfree's best-selling item of all time.

@ innisfree Official Website

The green tea seed moisturizing essence is suitable for use after washing your face with a cleanser. 

It provides instant hydration to the dry skin.

Although it doesn't yield a dramatic difference, your skin will be refreshed.

You will be able to feel the water locking effect.

@ innisfree Official Website

I would recommend this product to those who have either oily or mixed skin type.

This product is suitable for dry skin when it is used in summer.

Best-selling innisfree items:3. Blueberry Rebalancing 5.5 Cleanser (블루베리 리밸런싱 5.5 클렌저) 100mL


@ innisfree Official Website

The next innisfree best-selling item recently became a social media phenomenon. Many Koreans have been crazy about this item.

The Blueberry Moisture Rebalance 5.5 Facial Cleanser restores the skin balance to the neural level. This is a weak acidic facial cleanser. The price of this product is extremely affordable. This is one of the bang for the buck items made by innisfree.

Tip. The optimal pH level for human skin is between 4.7 and 5.75.

But most facial cleansers and cosmetics are alkaline.

Therefore, weak acid cosmetics are effective at restoring disrupted skin balance.

@ innisfree Official Website

I personally like the blueberry moisture rebalance line because these products use pure ingredients. The blueberry moisture rebalance cleanser contains weak acid, which works great on the resrotation of the pH balance of the skin without any damages or irritations.

Some cleansers end up irritating the skin and make it hyper sensitive. This cleanser, however, only leaves mild touches.

@ innisfree Official Website

On the other hand, this cleanser is not suitable for cleansing heavy makeup.

I would advise those of you have dry and sensitive skin to limit your use of this product to 2 or 3 times a week.

This cleanser prevents the production of natural skin oil and ends up dehydrates the skin if you use it too often.

My piece of advice would be: Use this cleanser in the morning before you apply makeup.

Best-selling innisfree items:4. Blueberry Rebalancing Skin (블루베리 리밸런싱 스킨) 150mL / 350mL

Price:₩8,000 / ₩15,000    

@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree blueberry rebalancing skin also contains weak acid.

You can improve your skin tone by replenishing moisture and nutrition. This skin lotion effectively reduces skin irritations and breakouts.

@ innisfree Official Website

When the skin appears dry, dull, etc., you can gently apply this skin lotion and make sure the rich nutrition from blueberry extracts work in action. This skin lotion helps you to restore the broken balance of the skin.

You can also use the cotton pad and use this lotion as a facial mask. Place the skin lotion-drenched cotton pads on the face.

Because this skin lotion contains weak acid, your skin tone will get improved over time.

@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree Blueberry Re-Balanced Skin Care products contain quality nutrition and work perfectly on troubled, sensitive skin types.

I would highly recommend you to give this item as a gift to your friends and relatives.

Best-selling innisfree items:5. Blueberry Rebalancing Watery Sun Cream (블루베리 리밸런싱 워터리 선크림) 40mL


@ innisfree Official Website

South Korea's most popular sunscreen in 2018 was innisfree blueberry re-balancing watery sunscreen.

This sunscreen became popular because it is a chemical-free sunscreen.

@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree blueberry re-balancing watery sunscreen does not leave any white, greasy traces on the skin. 

The texture of this sunscreen is soft, and you can easily apply this lotion on the skin.

Once you use this sunscreen with skin care and essence products, you can feel more moisture.

Wearing makeup is not so easy after gently applying this sunscreen lotion. This sunscreen is suitable when you are not applying heavy makeup.

@ innisfree Official Website

Although innisfree blueberry re-balancing watery sunscreen is not sticky, I would still not suggest this product for oily, sensitive or troubled skins.

This sunscreen is famous for being chemical-free and is definitely worth buying from South Korea.

Best-selling innisfree items:6. No-Sebum Mineral Powder (노세범 미네랄 파우더) 5g


@ innisfree Official Website

Another must-buy item from innisfree would be this oil-control powder. This item easily go out of stock 

Why is this item so popular? Well, it is because this powder is like a necessity for daily makeup.

@ innisfree Official Website

This oil-control powder can be applied before putting eye makeup. It prevents skin greases over time and effectively prevents makeup smudges.

This powder blocks skin oils from forming near the nose and T-zone areas as well.

This product comes with a tiny puff inside, which you can use to apply the powder with ease.

This powder has extra-fine grains and can be lightly applied to the skin.

 You can also make your lips more pigmented when you apply this powder before applying a lip gloss or tint.

@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree oil-control no sebum powder is multi-functional and can also be used for other purposes than makeup.

For example, you can gently dab this powder on your unwashed, greasy hair to make a fresher look.

If you apply too much, however, the top of your head will turn white. Please be mindful to apply an appropriate amount. After applying this powder on your hair, gently brush it off with your hand to add some volume.

If you are in a hurry in the morning, make the use out of this powder and sharpen your look!

Best-selling innisfree items:7. Skin Clinic Mask (스킨 클리닉 마스크) 20mL


@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree skin clinic facial mask - Centella Asiatica is a revolutionary skin care product.

This mask provides rich nutrition and calms the skin.

When you have an exhausted skin, all you need is this mask. Cover your skin with nutritious essence before you go to sleep.

When you wake up the next day, you will find your skin flawless and silky. 

@ innisfree Official Website

This facial mask has thinner fabric than other masks.

The fabric covers the entire face - from the forehead to the chin - thoroughly. This mask does its job well!

@ innisfree Official Website

I get upset when my skin is dry and exhausted. Whenever my skin feels tired, I cannot wear decent makeup. It easily becomes cakey.

When you get this skin condition, you can use this mask as a life saver. In 15 minutes, you can feel an instant difference. Your skin will be full of moisture and pumped up for makeup.

I always stock up on this item when innisfree has a 5+5 sales promotion or monthly discounts.

Best-selling innisfree items:8. Forest for Men Moisture All-in-one Essence (포레스트 포맨 모이스처 올인원 에센스) 100mL


@ innisfree Official Website

South Korean brand innisfree does not only target female consumers. They also make great skincare products for men. Forest for Men All-In-One Essence is the signature product among the men's collection.

Many of my male friends love this product. 

@ innisfree Official Website

This essence contains skin, emulsion, and essence in one bottle. Even my lazy male friends say this product is super easy to use - they just need to remember applying this product in the morning. The whole day, their skin is fully hydrated. 

This essence does not make the skin greasy.

@ innisfree Official Website

Most of my guy friends use this product to avoid the morning hassle. If you are looking for a decent gift for your boyfriend or guy friends, now you know what they want.

Best-selling innisfree items:9. Olive Real Oil Mist EX (올리브 리얼 오일 미스트 Ex) 80mL


@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree Real Olive Oil Mist is an effective mist for the dry skin!

Because of this product contains highly nutritious extracts from olive oil, it provides instant hydration to the dry skin. This product especially works well during the winter season.

It protects the skin from extreme weather changes and makes the skin look healthier and smoother.

@ innisfree Official Website

This mist contains a blend of essential oils. Shake the bottle before you spray.

Don't forget to gently tap the skin after spraying. By doing so, your skin can absorb rich nutrition.

Best-selling innisfree items:10. Apple Seed Lip and Eye Makeup Remover (애플 씨드 립앤아이 메이크업 리무버) 100mL


@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree apple seed lip and eye makeup remover contain eucalyptus oil.

This remover removes heavy eye makeup effortlessly. Even the highly pigmented lip and eye colors can be removed with one gentle touch.

@ innisfree Official Website

Innisfree apple seed lip and eye makeup remover does not leave any greasy finishes. Thus, this remover does not make the skin airtight while effectively clearing out eye and lip makeup residuals.

@ innisfree Official Website

This remover is suitable for those who have troubled, sensitive skin. The eucalyptus oil extract helps soothing the skin. This remover will make a perfect gift for those who wear lip and eye makeup on a daily basis.

@ innisfree Official Website

In this post, I've introduced you the 10 best-selling items from innisfree. 

There are many famous products at innisfree. However, no every product is recommendable. Take this Korea(Creatrip editor)'s frank advice and save your precious time and money in finding the best beauty product for innisfree.

For those of you who love cosmetics (like me!), these 10 items will serve as great starters. Oh, and when you have time in Korea, pay a visit to the famous innisfree stores. There is a cool ATM machine that creates customized air cushions in Sinsadong Garosugil. The Green Cafe is located in Myeongdong and Pangyo. Please refer to the addresses below.

innisfree1. Sinsadong Garosugil Air Cushion ATM Machine: 대한민국 서울특별시 강남구 신사동 12길 50

innisfree 2. Myeongdong Green Cafe and innisfree Store : 서울특별시 중구 명동길 13

innisfree3. Pangyo Green Cafe and innisfree Store : 경기도 성남시 분당구 대왕판교로606번길 10 알파리움1단지 132호

So far, this post was about must-buy items from innisfree. If you have any questions regarding innisfree products, K-beauty, or shopping in Korea, please leave your question as a comment to this post. We will get back to you as soon as possible.

Creatrip will make sure your trip to Korea is full of excitement!

I will see you in my next post!

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