TOP 9 Recommended Products from MISSHA
The essential beauty items from MISSHA that you MUST STOCK UP ON!
7 months ago
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Hello,everyone! We are Creatrip, a group of Korean travel experts.

MISSHA is one of the most famous Korean cosmetics road shop brands in Korea.

However, many people get lost in the store. There are too many products in the store, and they simply don't know which one to buy.

Today I will let you know my 9 personal favorites items from MISSHA.

※  About MISSHA

"The first mid-low priced cosmetics road shop in Korea"

MISSHA is the first ever Korean road shop brand.

MISSHA kept their initial products' prices at "3300 Won" to sell their products.

This brand wrote a new history for low-end cosmetics in Korea.

Because MISSHA has been so cheap,this brand gained a nickname from its fans "Quality cosmetics."

After opening its very first store near Ewha Women's University, this brand gained sensational reactions from the Korean customers.

"Is MISSHA trying to become a luxury brand?"

The Korean road shop market has been expanding ever since MISSHA's success. The market competition is fiercer than ever before. Now there are numerous competitors, such as the ETUDE HOUSE、INNISFREE、NATURE REPUBLIC, and THE FACE SHO, competing with MISSHA.

These brands are competing with each other by reducing the prices of their products.

In order to make a breakthrough, MISSHA has been introducing more pricey items to set themselves apart from the rest.

Although the price range of MISSHA products has increased compared to a couple of years ago, its quality remains the same. 

MISSHA's quality is almost compatible with luxury brands.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|1. MISSHA ITALPRISM eyeshadow (each 12,800 Won)

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA Italprism eyeshadow was first released in October last year. This spring, more shades were added to the original shades.

When this product was launched, it received enthusiastic responses from Korean consumers. This item became super popular than any other local brands' products in a year.

@ MISSHA Official Website

The manufacturer who makes MISSHA Italprism eyeshadow also makes eyeshadows for Chanel and Dior.

The retail price of this product is set as 16,000 Won per each.

However, the quality of MISSHA Italprism eyeshadow is definitely worth the price.

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA Italprism eyeshadow is highly pigmented and contains rich shimmers.

The number indicated in the photo is the actual number of the product.

MISSHA Italprism eyeshadow has unique texture and color than other Korean road shop brands.

If you encounter any brand sale, I suggest you stock up on this item.

I already have the whole collection at home. If you are lucky, you may be able to come across MISSHA's 1+1 sale.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|2. MISSHA Art Tool Honey Powder Brush #201 (13,000 Won) 

@ MISSHA Official Website

Art tool honey powder brush is one of the popular items in MISSHA.

The hair of this brush is very thick and soft. If you use this brush for applying dust powder, you can apply it evenly over the face.

If you see MISSHA Art tool honey powder brush #201 in MISSHA, I suggest you buy it home and try it.


Must-buy items from MISSHA|3. MISSHA Color Fix Eye Primer (9,800 Won)

@ MISSHA Official Website

I don't know if any of you are suffering from oily eyelids like I am. My eye makeup gets smudged very easily, and I need a primer before I apply eyeshadows. 

MISSHA Color Fix Eye Primer solved my problem!

@ MISSHA Official Website

Apply MISSHA Color Fix Eye Primer evenly on the eyelids.

Your eye makeup will be preserved throughout the day.

@ MISSHA Official Website

In addition, you can show the color of the eyeshadow more vividly by using this primer.

Before your eyelids get oily, MISSHA Color Fix Eye Primer will effectively prevent smudges.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|4. MISSHA smudge proof wood brow pencil (5,000 Won)

@ MISSHA Official Website

My eyebrows aren't clear, and I need to color them every morning.

If you have unclear eyebrows, make sure you get a MISSHA smudge proof wood brow pencil.

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA smudge proof wood brow pencil is highly pigmented. 

Thus, I recommend you to draw with this pencil with soft touches. 

This pencil comes in very handy for people who have small, unclear eyebrows.

With the brush, you can draw natural eyebrows.

@ MISSHA Official Website

If you want to be lazy with your makeup, just use MISSHA smudge proof wood brow pencil to draw your eyebrows.

If you can brush your eyebrows with a brush, you can make your eye makeup more natural.

@ MISSHA Official Website

1 : Dark Brown

2 : Brown

3: Black

4: Ashes

5: Bright Brown

6: Red Brown

Above are the color numbers of MISSHA smudge proof wood brow Pencil.

If you have naturally back hair, I recommend you to choose the dark brown color. The black color pencil is a bit hard to control at first.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|5. MISSHA all-around safe block toning sun tension SPF50+/PA++++ (17,800 Won)

@ MISSHA Official Website

If you use MISSHA all-around safe block toning sun tension for the first time, make sure you press the cushion inside hard enough to squeeze the essence and foundation out. 

After use, close the lid completely. Otherwise, the essence inside can leak easily.

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA all-around safe block toning sun tension is very convenient to use and provide rich hydration to the skin.

The essence can be evenly applied to the skin if you use a sponge. You can adjust the tone fairly easy.

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA all-around safe block toning sun tension has a bit pinkish tone, and this tension pact reveals a natural complexion.

The texture of this item is very silky and smooth. You can feel refreshed after use.

The essence prevents the facial makeup from getting caked.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|6. MISSHA color graph eye pencil(8,800 Won)

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA color graph eye pencil is also one of MISSHA's very popular cosmetics products.

This pencil has a soft texture, so it is also easily blendable. This item can make your eye makeup easier. 

Compared to other brands of eyebrow pencils, this eyebrow pencil color is highly pigmented and unique.


@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA color graph eye pencil一I normally use this item as an eyeliner.

When you softly blend the pencil on the eyelids and gently smudges it, you can also use this item as an eyeshadow.

Some of the color shades are in bright colors and are perfect for accentuating your summer makeup.

@ MISSHA Official Website

1 : Antique Clotzet

2 : Rosy Borons

3 : Melou rose

4 : coral charm

5 : wine chilling

6 :

7 : black queen

8 : midnight dream

9 : chocolate bongbong

10: gold breeze

11: roasting coffee

12: toffee nut latte

13: olive garden

14: honey Aurora

15: cherry nut

MISSHA color graph eye pencil的全部色表

The above table indicates all the names and numbers of MISSHA color graph eye pencil colors.

Honey Aurora color is great for point makeup.

Roasting coffee has a dark brown shade like melted chocolate.

Antique Clotzet works great as an eyeshadow.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|7. MISSHA Moisturizing Essence Sunscreen (21,800 Won)

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA Moisturizing Essence Sunscreen has a dewy finish, so you can feel refreshed after use.

There is no whitening effect at all, and the texture is like a lotion. You can apply this cream on the skin softly.

Even if you put on makeup over this sunscreen, you won't feel your makeup getting caked up. It works as a primer and naturally conceal pores and corrects the skin tone.


@ MISSHA Official Website

This was the new product of MISSHA released in 2018. This product is famous for its high SPF.

The Sun Protection Factor is up to SPF50+ / PA++++ for this time. With this high SPF, You can go and play on the beach without worry about UV rays.

I personally think this Moisturizing Essence Sunscreen is the best sunscreen product of all times.

However, this sunscreen product would cause irritation to the eyes.

So when you apply this sunscreen, please try to avoid contacting the eyes.

Must-buy items from MISSHA|8. MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Mascara (12,000 Won) 

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA Ultra Powerproof Mascara recently became popular.

Many waterproof mascaras do not get smudged with water, but they are highly affected by sweat and sebum.

MISSHA Ultra Power proof Mascara is highly resistant to water, sweat, and sebum.

@ MISSHA Official Website

The liquid of this mascara dries light on the eyebrow. Even after you apply, you can feel your eyelashes are still lifted. The dense hair of the brush firmly lifts the eyelashes.

This product is divided as "Curl-up long lash" and "Curl-up volume" lines.

Pick your favorite mascara! 

Must-buy items from MISSHA|9. MISSHA Near Skin Derma Cosmetic Madecanol Cream (15,800 Won) 

@ MISSHA Official Website

MISSHA Near Skin Madecanol cream restores and rejuvenates the damaged skin cells and walls to add a healthy glow to your skin.

This cream works great to treat remaining scars from acne.

You can restore the skin texture by gradually make scars fade away.


@ MISSHA Official Website

This cream can be applied on a daily basis. It gets absorbed by the skin almost instantly. If does not have an oily finish, you can put on base makeup after applying the cream first. 

On the downside, this cream has more oily texture than the other moisturizers.

If you have dry skin, I would recommend applying this cream on your skin. 

You can even apply this cream during the day.

You will be able to feel the difference with your skin if you use this item for a full month.

@ MISSHA Official Website

Today, I've shown you the best 9 items that you must stock up from MISSHA.

These 9 items from MISSHA are truly loved by Korean consumers.

Make sure you try them out when you are in Korea! 

Give them a try, and let us know how you felt!

Please tune up for our next post! 

To be continued!

1. MISSHA Myeongdong Store 1 Address: 서울특별시 중구 명동길 11

2. MISSHA Hongdae Store Address: 서울특별시 마포구 와우산로23길 42

3. MISSHA Shinchon Store Address: 서울특별시 서대문구 연세로 19

4. MISSHA LOTTE FITIN Dongdaemun Address: 서울특별시 중구 을지로 264(을지로6가) 롯데피트인동대문점

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