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Small yet convenient Gimpo Airport!
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Today I will be writing this post about  Gimpo Airport.

The size of Gimpo Airport is far smaller than Incheon Airport, but the former is closer to Seoul than the latter. 

Way back in time when Korea did not have Incheon Airport, Gimpo Airpot used to be the major aviation hub connecting Seoul with the rest of the world. Many international flights traveling to and from Asian cities still use Gimpo Airport.

Besides the international flights, Gimpo Airport has a terminal for domestic flights. The domestic flights connect Seoul with other regional cities, such as Jeju Island, Gwangju, Daegu, and Gimhae.

The aim of today's post is to teach you "all about Gimpo Airport."

Are you ready to roll? 

Seoul Gimpo Airport:Flight Information

There are only four airlines departing from Taiwan to Gimpo Airport in Seoul: Easter Airlines, Dulwich Aviation, China Airlines, and Eva Airlines. If you want to fly from an international city to Gimpo Airport, you can also fly with Ana Airlines from the airports from Tokyo Haneda Airport, Osaka Kansai Airport, Shanghai, and Beijing.

Seoul Gimpo Airport is also an aviation hub connecting Korea's domestic flights. You can also fly from Gimpo Airport to more remote cities of Korea, such as Ulsan, Yeosu, Jinju and Pohang. Of course, you can also save much time if you fly directly to the major regional cities like Busan and Jeju by flight.  Despite the small size of the airport, Gimpo is still the second busiest airport in Korea. Also, Gimpo Airport can be conviniently reached if you take Seoul Metro Line 5, Line 9, and the Airport Railway from the Seoul's city center.

Seoul Gimpo Airport:How to get there

#Take Seoul Metro LIne 5

#Take Seoul Metro LIne 9

#Take the airport railway

#Creatrip Tip!

If you are going to Seoul Gimpo Airport during the last and after hours, please do not take the bus or taxi. It will be very stuffy. Please use the subway to Gimpo Airport (about 40 minutes from Seoul), and many Korean transportation apps can be used. Estimated arrival time.

Seoul Gimpo Airport:From Seoul to other cities

There are many Korean cities you can visit by taking flights from Gimpo Airport. In addition to the popular cities, such as Busan and Jeju, you can also visit more remote cities like Ulsan, Yeosu, Jinju, and Pohang.

#Jeju Island

Jeju Island is one of the major destinations for traveling in Korea, other than Seoul and Busan. Therefore, the flights from/to Jeju Island to Gimpo Airport operate frequently throughout the day. There is a flight to Jeju Island from Gimpo Airpot almost every 20 minutes. You might be wondering about the price of the flight to Jeju. The flight price changes depending on the availability and the season, but the estimated price is around 40,000 Won. The growing number of Koreans are using low-cost carriers, so they can buy inexpensive tickets for domestic lines.

To fly to and from Jeju Island, I would recommend you to take either Jeju Airlines or Ester Airlines.

Further Reading on Jeju Island

#Gyeongsang-do (Busan, Daegu, Ulsan, Pohang)

From Seoul to Busan, the KTX adult fare costs 59,800 won. If you book a round ticket, the price can easily exceed 100,000 Won. If you buy a cheap flight ticket through the airline promotion events. you can take the domestic flight at a reasonable price. You can fly to Busan from Seoul, Gimpo Airport and then travel to other coastal cities for further exploration.

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#Jeollado(Yeosu, Gwangju)

Yeosu has an airport, but it is very far from the city center. Yeosu is a bit difficult to visit from Seoul. However, this port city is full of romantic experiences. The best way to get to Yeosu is actually by KTX. Because the airport is located in the remote area, I do not want to recommend taking a flight to get Yeosu. A flight ticket to Yeosu almost never on discount.

Further readings on Yeosu and Gwangju

Seoul Gimpo Airport:Visited in November, 2018

Besides catching the flights, what can we do at Gimpo Airport? To answer this question, I headed over to Gimpo.

Take the Seoul Metro to the Gimpo Airport Station. On your way to the international terminal of Gimpo Airport(or Exit 3), you will see the sign for the Lotte Mall. In the Mall, there are also Lotte supermarkets, cinemas, department stores. If you are to stay at Gimpo Airport for a while, you can do a last-minute shopping from the Lotte Mall.

In addition, Gimpo Airport has a luggage check-in service. You don't have to worry about where to put your luggage before your last-minute shopping.

Seoul Gimpo Airport Automatic Currency Exchange Machine


In addition, there are self-service currency exchange machines at the Gimpo Airport Subway Station. If you fly in or out from Gimpo Airport and do not have time to visit Myeongdong Currency Exchange stores, you can change your emergency cash here. The exchange rate isn't so good.

After going through the customs, you can quickly browse Gimpo Airport duty-free stores. You would be surprised how big the duty-free section is in the airport. This area was renovated in June, 2018. The newly opened area is bright and spacious.

Many tourists' favorite Duty-Free Shop would be the Lotte Duty-Free Store. If you couldn't visit the Lotte Duty-Free Shop in Myeongdong, you do duty-free shopping at Gimpo Airport in Seoul.

Just to remind you: After going through the customs, there is only one coffee shop in the waiting area. It is really rare (and expensive) to find cafes near the gates. You can either use a vending machine or buy something to drink from the cafe.

Seoul Gimpo Airport:How to use this airport

Whether it is Seoul Gimpo Airport or other airports, the process of catching your flight is the same. Although Gimpo Airport has a bigger domestical terminal, this airport is very crowded every day. Make sure you arrive 3-4 hours early (for international flights) before the take off time. The customs clearance usually takes long for tourists at Gimpo Airport.

During the Korean National Holiday Season(July to August Summer Vacation)

  • First flight on a weekday morning (Especially Monday) 
  • Weekend

The Check-In time varies by airlines. Do not think domestic line airlines have relaxed check-in schedule. Make sure you arrive for Check-in on time. During rush hours, try using Seoul Metro instead of taxis or buses. Do not miss the Check-in or boarding time. Due to the large number of domestic flights, the probability of flight delay is high. But don't count on your luck too much.

Finally, the boarding gate may be subject to change after check-in and before take-off. The airlines will inform the new boarding gate immediately. If you decided to go to the boarding gate early, please pay attention to the airport announcements to see if there are any changes to your flight status.

Seoul Gimpo Airport:Airport Railway from Gimpo Airport to Seoul

It takes about 15 minutes from Gimpo Airport to the Hongik University Station if you take the Airport express train. In order to take this train, however, you have to ride several escalators. The last train from Gimpo to Hongdae is 00:16 am, while Hongdae to Gimpo ends at 00:31 am (based on the service condition and actual departure time).

The last limousine bus from Incheon Airport to Hongik University is at 23:32. The last bus departs from Gimpo Airport at 00:16am.

The above post contains useful information regarding Seoul Gimpo Airport. Creatrip editor made a visit to Gimpo Airport to provide you the latest information about the facility (November 2018). I hope you found this post helfpul and had better understanding about the services and facilities provided at Gimpo Airport. We will see you in the next post. Ciao!

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