Seoul Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall
The shopping heaven that local Korean shoppers love!
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There are five major underground shopping malls in Seoul. As a Creatrip editor, I would like to introduce you what is it like to shop at Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall in Gangnam Station. This post contains the latest fashion information for the autumn and winter seasons in 2018. When you visit Korea for shopping next time, you may consider shopping at the Gangnam underground shopping mall.

Shopping in Seoul, Korea|Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall

The Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall is located at the Gangnam Station of Seoul Metro Line and New Bundang Line. Due to the convenient travel options to Gangnam and its extensive business district, merchants sell a variety of products at the Gangnam Underground Shopping mall.

Located by Line 2 of the Gangnam station, you can see many small shops selling trendy outfits, cosmetics, and snacks. After the opening of the new Bundang line, the underground shopping mall became vibrant, and many franchise brands are also stationing here. Everyone can spend an afternoon shopping.

Shopping in Seoul, Korea|Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall Editor's Visit Review

Seoul Metro Line 2 passes many famous attractions, such as the Seoul National University, Jamsil, Gangnam, and Hongdae, Ewha Women's University, and Euljiro-1ga. Therefore, you can easily take the subway to reach the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall.

And don't bother to go outside for shopping. When the weather is cold outside, you can conveniently shop without going out from the Gangnam Station.

Before we delve into the details, I would like to give you a few heads-ups.

  1. The items sold at the underground shopping mall is pretty much similar to the ones sold at the actual stores in Gangnam.
  2. Avoid visiting the Gangnam Station during rush hours (afternoon and evening)
  3. The underground shopping mall has a small stock of winter clothes and the quality is not so good.

Korea is completely in the state of autumn. The weather occasional drops to below zero degrees Celcius, so the Gangnam Underground shopping mall is also in a prep mode for the upcoming winter. But you can also still see many autumn coats are on sale. If you want to buy multiple layers for the autumnal weather, the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall is the place to be! 

What is the trendy color of this year's autumn? When you shop at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall, you can easily see which color is on the trend for the season. Now, many Korean outfits you can find in the mall are mainly suitable in this season's favorite colors, such as brown, tan and beige. Whether you are looking for a thin dress or a coat, you can find all of them at the mall.

I visited the mall super early in the morning, and some stores were not opened yet. There weren't so many people shopping, so it was less crowded. If you want to shop, however, I recommend you visit the Gangnam underground mall in the late afternoon on weekdays before the rush hour.

At the Gangnam Underground Shopping mall, you can also buy accessories, such as inexpensive jewelry. There are a few accessory shops selling pretty earrings, scarves, and socks.

There are also a few cosmetics franchise shops, where you can grab famous K-beauty items on the go. When you feel hungry, you can try some snacks at the food stands.

Unlike Hongdae and Ehwa Women's University shopping streets, the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall is full of shoppers in their mid to late- 20s. The style you will find at this place is also mature for that reason. It is no wonder my friends say, “To meet young Oppa, you need to go to Hongdae; To meet mature Oppa, you need to go to Gangnam."  

Although many autumn outfits have thin layers and dark colors, the spring items have more matte, pastel colors. When you shop at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall, you will find a mix of mature and monotone colors. Shoppers who go to the Gangnam Underground Shopping can shop a variety of outfits of their favorite color.

I just have to say that the clothes I bought at the mall were relatively cheap, but they were not so great for winter (Sometimes, I know I pay less for the less quality.) Therefore, I recommend friends who want to buy thick coats and down jackets to visit other shopping malls. If you buy those heavy duty items at a brand store, you can expect better quality.

A must-know heads-up about shopping at the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall: you must prepare enough cash because some businesses won't accept credit cards. Even if they accept the card, they could charge you an extra fee for credit card purchases.

In addition to shopping outfits, you can also visit convenience stores and small food stands to fill up your stomach at the Gangnam Underground shopping mall.

There is a super popular bakery in the Gangnam Station. In every 40 minutes, this bakery releases fresh loaves of bread. During the rush hours and lunch, there is always a long line in front of this bakery. (Since I visited this store in the morning, I didn't have to wait at all). 

Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall Shopping Tips

  1. The Gangnam underground shopping mall shops sell things similar items compared to other underground shopping malls.

    Avoid afternoon and evening crowds.

    You can have a better shopping experience on weekdays.

  2. The underground shopping mall has a small stock of winter clothes and the quality is not so great.
    Try on the clothes before you buy them. (Some vendors won't allow you to try on, so you need to ask the store before trying on!)
    If you want to compare the price, have a tour around the mall. Most of the times, you will find the same item in multiple stores.

Shopping in Seoul, Korea|Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall New Bundang Line

The Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall, located on the New Bundang Line side, is a relatively new underground shopping area. This area has fewer stores than the one near Line 2. The advantage is that it extends from the other parts of the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall. However, this area also has many franchise stores and cosmetics shops. I took this photo at the beginning of this year.

There are several cosmetics stores, but the number is far fewer than the line 2 shopping area. To make up for the fewer numbers of stores, this part of the underground shopping center has occasional promotions and discount events. If you are interested, you can visit and browse.

The number of stores selling outfits was far less than the shopping area near Line 2. However, this part of the Underground shopping mall has a contemporary interior design. Moreover, You can easily reach this area facing  New Bundang line to transfer to Line 2.

So far, I've compiled the latest information about the Gangnam Underground Shopping Mall and left a review about my visit to this place in the autumn of 2018. It first occurred to me that the Express Bus Terminal Underground Shopping Mall was better in size and variety, but this shopping mall is also good for grabbing items in such a short time.

Come and share with us which underground shopping mall you like the most in Seoul.  

Dear Creatrip members, we will see you next time!