Top 5 Newly Rising Spots in Seoul
Koreans' favorite tourist trending spots in Seoul: Yeonnamdong, Sungsudong, Ikseondong, Mullaedong, and Hannamdong.
2 months ago
Li Zheng Ying @creatripfromSeoul

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Today I would like to introduce you Koreans' new favorite spots for hanging out in Seoul. 

Recently, many young Koreans stopped visiting touristy places like Myeongdong, Hongdae, Dongdaemun, and Edae.

More and more people are choosing to hang out in Yeonnamdong, Seongsudong, Ikseondong, Munraedong, and Hannamdong instead. If you are a big fan of Seoul, you must not miss out any of these rising areas!

Seoul Trending Place:1. Hongdae Yeonnamdong(연남동)

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Although there are many tourists in Hongdae, it is still a place that Korean young people like to go compared to Myeongdong. After the abandoned Gyeonggi Railway transformed into a park, an increasing number of visitors started to visit Hongdae. Yeonnamdong and Hongdae area is becoming a hip place among Koreans.

Yeonnamdong streets are full of gourmet restaurants and pretty cafes. The special characteristic of this area is that each store owns a unique theme and style. There are always a lot of shoppers, diners, pedestrians, and buskers during the weekend, both day and night. Due to the popularity of Yeonnamdong, fewer tourists are now spending time in the Hongdae Business District. Check out this newly rising neighborhood in Seoul like many local Seoul residents.

Compared to Hongdae’s restaurants, Yeonnamdong gourmet restaurants and cafes have a unique vibe. Unlike Hongdae, Yeonnamdong has its own characteristics. Yeonnamdong has a large park that brings an interesting fusion of art, greenery, cafes, and food altogether in one location.


After exiting Exit 3 of Hongdae Entrance Station, you will be able to see the "Yeontral Park" extending for about a mile. This beautiful park landscape located right above the Gyeongui Railway. This is the new attraction of 2018 in Yeonnamdong. After opening of this park, Yeonnamdong was able to create upbeat atmosphere.

Seoul Trending Place|Yeonnamdong  1. Gamnamujip Restaurant(감나무집기사식당)

Address:서울특별시 마포구 연남로 25

Near the South Korean bus terminals, you can find old, shabby restaurants where drivers quickly fetch their meals before hitting the road. These restaurants are called "driver's restaurant." These restaurants offer great quality meal at an affordable price. Many Koreans say: You will never fail at Driver's restaurant. Many taxi and truck drivers come and go. This Yeonnamdong restaurant tastes great.

In Yeonnamdong, there is also a driver's restaurant called Gamnamujip driver's restaurant.

Yeonnamdong gamnamujip restaurant has been in Mapo for a long time. This restaurant became famous after appearing on the popular Korean entertainment show Infinity Challenge. Many Seoul locals started to come other than the drivers. There are a variety of menus available in this restaurant. Many main dishes come with home-made side dishes and grilled barbecue plates.

Gamnamujip Driver's Restaurant is located near Hongdae - Yeonnamdong. The restaurant generally sells homemade style Korean dishes. Although you have to expect to wait for a seat during peak hours, you will understand why people wait in line to eat in this restaurant once you taste the main dish.

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Seoul Trending PlaceYeonnamdong :2. arari ovene(아라리오브네 연남점)

Address:서울 마포구 성미산로16길 3-3

Arari ovene is arguably the hottest new attraction in Sungsu. It is located in Yeonnamdong and Hongdae. This cafe specializes in healthy desserts and drinks. The store was originally located in the Bundang District of Gyeonggi Province, and this new branch was recently opened in Yeonnamdong. This cafe is gaining recognition very rapidly.

When it coms to Seoul's rising attraction Yeonnamdong arari ovene, you must try their special fresh "nutty" milk.  This special milk comes in a cute pot. There are many unique desserts in the store. Some of them use traditional Korean food ingredients, such as Mugwort, fruit, and pumpkin, etc.. Every dessert and drink is made with natural ingredients only.

Take a bite of a tasteful cake slice with a cup of slightly sweetened fresh milk. people who are tired of Hongdae's loud business district can take a brief break at this quiet Yeonnamdong Cafe.

Seoul Trending PlaceYeonnamdong :3. COCOMOOD(코코무드)

Address:서울 마포구 성미산로 147

Those who like flowers and floral decorations should not miss COCOMOOD.

This cafe is small and does not have many seats, but it has very comfortable, welcoming vibe. With a bunch of flowers and wooden furnishings, the overall atmosphere of this cafe is natural and friendly. I love the perfect display of the interior design of this cafe.

COCOMOOD is located in the residential area of Yeonnamdong, which adds the elegant and tranquil vibe to the cafe. 

The cafe is a bit distant from the main shopping district, so you can have your afternoon free of noises and crowd.

Seoul Trending Place:2. Sungsudong(성수동)

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Seoul's new attraction: Sungsudong and Konkuk University Area. The Sungsudong area includes Seoul Metro Station Line 2 Sungsu Station (성수역), Ttoksum resort Station (뚝섬역), and Seoul-Bundang Line Seoul Forest (서울숲역). The public transportation is convenient to reach this neighborhood. The area is very large and there are many restaurants, bars, and cafes hidden in small alleys. I would recommend this area for those who want to experience Korean drinking culture. 

Sungsudong used to be an industrial area back in the 80s and 90s. After the factories moved out, a young college students started to love and slowly transformed the area with many art and business projects. The neighborhood was originally founded upon the abandoned factories and houses.

 On the streets and small alleys of Sangsudong, there are also many specialty shops and cafes in addition to the residential areas. In many Seoul residents' minds, Sangsudong a rising neighborhood for shopping and hanging out. The nearby “Seoul Forest” has a vast green space in the urban area of Seoul (probably similar to the Central Park in New York), which offers beautiful scenery all year round.

Whether you are traveling with your family or in a couple, this area would be great for sightseeing. Have a wonderful afternoon in Sangsudong!

The cafés of Sangsudong has a unique style. Under the efforts of young artists and owners, the buildings in the old industrial complex have been redesigned and renovated. This area is also known as the Brooklyn in Seoul.

Seoul Trending Place|Sungsudong : 1. GoGong(고공) 

Address:서울 성동구 왕십리로8길 10

I've visited this high-end Korean BBQ restaurant in Sangsudong called GoGong (고공). Located near Ttukseom Station, this restaurant is only a five-minute walk away. The facade of the restaurant looks as if this place is a coffee shop. It is beautifully decorated inside as well. You won't feel like this place is for BBQ.

The open meat cutting table allows customers to see the meat processing in the restaurant. GoGong (고공) does not use long-term frozen meat. Rather, they use quality fresh meat so that customers can taste the sweet juice and rich flavor of Korean BBQ. Although the pork package for a group of two or three people, I would recommend to order at least two packages for two people.

In addition, you can order the famous Korean miso stew on the side to make it a full meal. Although the price is much more expensive than eating at home, I would still recommend this place for the high quality meat. Overall, my dining experience was totally worthwhile.

At GoGong (고공) in Sangsudong, waiter and waitresses will help you to barbeque the meat. You can taste the optimal Korean BBQ. Look at this delicious meat on the grill. The sound of grilling is heavenly!  

GoGong's side dishes have refreshing tastes. The dipping sauce are in three types: regular table salt with pepper powder (little spicy) and two other coarse salts (one of them is made with Himalayan rock salt). 

I recommend you to try the thick pork slice with Himalayan mountain mustard sauce. Also eat with spicy bean sprouts. 

You will be surprised by the tenderness and freshness of the pork slices. Each slice is very juicy. In short, GoGong (고공) BBQ in Sangsudong is on my personal list of the most delicious Korean BBQ restraurant of 2018.

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Seoul Trending PlaceSungsudong2. Cafe Sungsu(카페 성수)

Address:서울특별시 성동구 성수동1가 668-30

Sungsudong has many hip, quiet cafes. 

Cafe Sangsu occupies three floors of an old buildilng. Each floor has different atsmosphere. In general, you will feel as if you are traveling back in time as you look around the inside of this nostalgic underground space. You will be able to feel exclusiveness.

Shengshui Coffee is not just an ordinary coffee shop selling coffee and cakes. Many local artists have collaborated to decorate the inside of this cafe.

This cafe is worth visiting if you love  interior design. The entire cafe feels like a small gallery.

Every corner embraces the artist's intentions. Unlike Yeonnamdong cafes, Cafe Sungsu feels more like cozy home

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Seoul Trending PlaceSungsudong3. Seoul Forest(서울숲)

Address:서울특별시 성동구 성수1가1동 뚝섬로 273

Seoul Forest is known as the lung of Seoul. My Korean friends said they want to move into Sungsudong to live near this park. Many Seoul citizens are happy to have this park in the city.

One of rising shopping center would be Seoul Forest Container Shopping Center.  Although the shopping center is not as big as the one in Konkuk University, but there are many gourmet restaurants and hip cafes. An increasing number of locals are visiting this shopping center.

In the small alleys around Seoul Forest seems like an ordinary residential areas. However, you can find many design shops, cafes, and restaurants etc. When you come to Seoul to see new attractions, you can also check out these small Sungsu alleys.

Sangsudong is one of the rising neighborhoods in Seoul.

Seoul Forest is by far my favorite place for hanging out with my friends. I would recommend people to take a short walk around this park and explore this area with local Seoul residents. You will definitely like it.

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Seoul Trending Place3. Mullaedong(문래동)

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In the past, Mullaedong used to be  an old industrial area in Seoul. Thus the area was abandoned for a long time after the factories moved out. Almost all the streets were ruined and abandoned. 

Under the city's rehabilitation efforts, Mullaedong recently became a lively business district. Many businesses were founded in this area and are peacefully co-existing with the locals. The business owners are developing their business without disturbing the original landscape. Mullaedong is becoming a hip place among young Koreans. You can find many alleys full of artwork, coffee, and food. 

Yeongdeungpo Mullaedong  is also referred to as Mullae Creators' Village or Mullae Art Village. In this village, you can clearly feel artsy. This area was renovated by a couple of young artists who wanted to find cheap rent and space to exhibit and create their artwork. As this place  became popular among regular visitors, many businesses are also founded. Many abandoned steel factories are now became art galleries.

Seoul Trending Place|Mullaedong1. OLD MULLAE(올드문래)

Address:서울 영등포구 도림로 433-6

This restaurant looks like as if it is popped out of the 90s American movie. This restaurant was originally an abandoned, shabby warehouse. Instead of throwing away the abandoned steel products, the owner decided to use them as decorations. As you enter the store, you will be able to see the unique wall decors and artworks. "Old Mullae" gave birth to the old warehouse.

Three or five friends can order a platter meal. You can sit down and engage in interesting chat with your friends. Or you can spend your afternoon alone in a quiet atmosphere. Whichever you choose to use this space, you will soon get inspired. During the weekend, this place becomes a bit noisier. It becomes more like a pub than a cafe. 

If you want to taste authentic American cuisine in Seoul, I would recommend you to check out this place. 

The indoor decors will make you forget the exhaustion of your journey.

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Seoul Trending PlaceMullaedong2. La Crescenta(라 크라센타)

Address:서울 영등포구 문래로 92-5

Mullaedong gourmet restaurant “La Crescenta” is also a restaurant that I want to recommend to everyone. 

This coffee shop/pub used to be an old warehouse too. Besides the basic coffee drinks, this coffee shop also serves some American foods with beer. You can order light finger food, brunch, or even a glass of wine.

The coffee shop is in two-story building with high ceilings. Therefore, the place doesn't get loud easily. 

La Crescenta is open from the morning until late night. I advise everyone to visit this cafe from the afternoon and evening. The store will look more beautiful with the lights fully on, and the atmosphere of an American restaurant will be more apparent (the focus is also to experience late night drinking!).

@Seoul 2018 new attractions | Mullaedong: La Crescenta information, please click here.

Seoul Trending PlaceMullaedong3. Hotel707(호텔707)

Address:서울특별시 영등포구 문래동 도림로139길 2-2

The open-air cafe HOTEL 707 is located in Mullaedong. It has the theme of a restaurant in a resort in exotic island. resort-theme restaurant. Many Koreans posted photos of this place on their SNS accounts. The HOTEL 707 is getting hotter every day!

With an exotic furnishing and beds, you can feel like you just check-in at a remote hotel for a holiday. Many Koreans spend their afternoon sipping a cup of Americano and enjoy their brief vacation in Seoul at HOTEL 707. No wonder HOTEL 707 is getting so popular!

I want to remind everyone that the decoration here looks very elegant and noble. However, the price of the meal here is quite expensive. In addition to some light finger food, the restaurant also offers an afternoon tea set. In the evening, the restaurant also serves alcohol too. For those who want to have an experience of high-profile, luxury leisure, HOTEL 707 will work perfect for you.

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Seoul Trending Place4. Ikseondong(익선동)

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Ikseondong is already very popular among both Korean locals and foreign tourists. Located in the heart of Jongnogu, Ikseondong became a major attraction for those who want to experience a fusion of Korean traditions with modern touches. Every day, social media posts are exploding on major social media websites. Ikseondong's popularity is growing exponentially.

In the small alley of Ikseondong, you can find many quiet and romantic restaurants and cafes. This area is area is considered to be the best place for dating. No. 6 exit of Jongno 3-ga is a famous gathering place for Koreans, so most visitors will come out of Exit 4 to enter the Ikseondong area.

Ikseondong is full of traditional Hanok. It's one of the oldest town in Jongno area. 

Many shops have refurbished the traditional Hanok and combined the tradition and modern interior design.

Seoul Trending Place|Ikseondong:1. La Reine(라렌느) 

Address:서울 종로구 수표로28길 21-9

La Reine is the best tea house in Ikseondong. The decoration inside the store is also very romantic. This tea house has been founded from traditional Hanok. The restaurant retains some parts of ruins and use them as decorations. The unique, luxury atmosphere of La Reine stands out from other cafes in the area.

As you can see from the photo, this cafe is full of European aristocratic style decorations and props.

This cafe retains the unique atmosphere of Hanok, and the entire cafe exerts a special charm.

"La Reine" in Ikseondong is known for using beautiful European style tableware.

The signature menu would be hot black tea. 

Cakes, small desserts and dessert towers are also very famous. I personally recommend the seasonal fruit tower and chocolate Mousse cake for those who visit this cafe for the first time. If you want to invest more, you can order for an afternoon tea set, which requires a prior appointment before you show up. You can get other people's jealous looks on your afternoon tea  bliss.

@Seoul 2018 new attractions | Ikseondong: La Reine information, please click here.

Seoul Trending PlaceIkseondong:2. Mangwondong Tiramisu(망원동 티라미수 익선동점)

Address:서울 종로구 수표로28길 22

The next coffee shop in Ikseondong would be the famous Mangwondong Tiramisu! 

What is the selling point? Well, let me begin with the rich chocolate layers of the tiramisu. This Tiramisu cafe offers a variety of flavors for Tiramisu. You can taste different Tiramisu every day!

The tiramisu cake is served in a tall paper cup. You don't have to blend the cake altogether. You can simply scoop it to eat! 

The cake already comes with appropriate sweetness and silky texture. My favorite flavors are the original, strawberry, Oreo, and green tea.

Mangwondong Tiramisu occupies two floors of the building.

It is recommended that everyone must go up to the second floor to enjoy the Hanok scenery of Ikseondong.

While enjoying the delicious tiramisu and black tea, experience a little piece of happiness in life.

@Seoul 2018 new attractions | Ikseondong: Mangwondong Tiramisu information, please click here.

Seoul Trending Place5. Hannamdong(한남동)

Further Reading|Hannamdong Restaurant and Cafe

Itaewon is located in Yongsan District. I believe that everyone is familiar with this place. This neighborhood is founded by foreign residents in Korea. The entire area is full of cultural and ethnic diversity. The Itaewon is home to many restaurants and specialty shops. The unique vibe of the neighborhood was created by many foreigners who settled down in this neighborhood. 

More and more Seoul locals are now exploring the other part of Itaewon : Hannamdong. 

The Hannamdong area includes the vicinity of Itaewon Station, Hangangjin station, and Hannam station. This area is also close to Namsan and Han River. Therefore, this area is known as one of the most affluent neighborhood in Seoul. In addition, this area is close to Hannam Bridge and Gangnam area. You can reach the Seoul Commercial Center very shortly.

Xiao Bian today introduces Seoul's new attractions: Hanjiang Town's food and coffee shop. In addition to the Itaewon, Hanjiang Town actually has the delicious cuisine and style of the Liantai Hospital Manager Road and Liberation Village. As the introduction of the last 2018 Seoul new attraction today, everyone will continue to read it. 

Seoul Trending Place|Hannamdong1. UNDER PRESSURE(언더프레셔)

Address:서울 용산구 한남대로20길 51

Located in Hannamdong, the coffee shop "UNDER PRESSURE" has a beautiful decoration.

 At first glance, I first thought it was a luxury private residence. It is actually a spacious coffee shop. 

In Seoul, there aren't that many coffee shops that have big space besides the chain cafes. In Itaewon and Han River Town coffee shops are usually very spacious. The entire place is decorated with modern furnitures.

At Under Pressure, the drinks are a bit expensive. However, you get what you paid for. The Straberry milk latte has a strong strawberry fragrance, and you can tell it is made with freshly picked strawberries. The coffee is not too bitter.

Another signature menu is the espresso cake. You can pour espresso down on the cake to enjoy rich frangrance of the coffee.

The cafes in Itaewon have older feelings, which is completely different from the style of Hannamdong. Therefore, friends who like modern interior design would be better to visit Hannamdong. The price is similar to that of Itaewon Liberation Village, but the overall experience is more refined in Hannamdong.

@Seoul 2018 new attractions | Hannamdong: UNDER PRESSURE information, please click here.

Seoul Trending PlaceHannamdong2. Hannamdong Traditional Roasted Chicken(한남동 한방통닭)

Address:서울 용산구 한남대로20길 51

 Hannamdong's most famous and recommended restaurant would be this traditional roasted whole chicken restauraunt. 

 I am not exaggerating. When I visited this place, I had to wait for a long in the rain. I waited for about an hour before I grabbed a seat. Can you imagine how popular this place is? The owner is always very busy serving the roasted chicken in and out from the rack.

One whole roast chicken (한방통닭) costs 18,000 won, which is not too cheap. However, this restaurant roasts chicken for a long time under the charcoal incense, so the chicken tastes smokey and juicy. The chicken's stomach is also stuffed with glutinous rice and other Korean traditional herbs. The rice works super well with kimchi and honey mustard.

This restaurant does not honor reservations. Thus, you must put down your name on the the waiting list as soon as you get there.The peak hours are usually Friday and Saturday nights. During these hours, you have to expect to spend at least two to three hours in the quene. As a person who has experience, this restaurant is by far the best restaurant in Itaewon. It is totally worth the wait!

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The above is the detailed information about Top 5 new attractions in Seoul!

I hope this post can open your eyes to the newly rising neighborhoods in Seoul.

I will see you next time.  

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