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Introducing The Most Popular Hair Colors In Korea This Fall! Try Some Out!

a month ago

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends

This is a must-see list for those who are don't know what color to dye their hair next!

We're introducing the latest Korean hair color trends in autumn 2021.

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Pink Brown

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends, pink brownSource: Idol Issue

Don't want a basic brown color, but also don't want a color that stands out too much?

Then, we want to recommend this Pink Brown color for you!

It is very unique because indoors, it looks like an ordinary brown, but under sunlight, it looks like a mixture of pink and purple.

Kotori Beige

韓国、韓国文化、韓国美容、韓国スタイル、韓国ヘアカラー、韓国人気、韓国流行、韓国アイドル、K-POPSource: Ruliweb

Kotori Beige has a beige base mixed with gray, giving it a bright yet elegant feel.

However, this hair color requires bleaching your hair a lot. If you have very weak hair, you should not dye it this color!

Gray Violet

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends, gray violetSource: Naver

This is more of an ombre style with gray on the top turning into purple at the bottom.

It's recommended for those who find it difficult to dye their hair completely purple. 

You can also get some lighter purple highlights to make it stand out more!

Aurora Red

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends, aurora redSource: Wikiblue

Match the color of the leaves this fall with the Aurora Red color.

It is more toned down and deeper with less redness than the Ariel Red color introduced in our 2021 Summer Hair Trends blog, so it will suit more skin tones.

Milk Brown

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends milk brownSource: Naver

Milk Brown is similar to the color of milk tea and suits both long and short hair and many different skin tones.

Both men and women can dye their hair this color.

Milk brown is an extremely flattering shade and helps you look a few years younger!

Ash Purple Gray

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends ash purple graySource: Top Star News

In the fall, in addition to browns and reds, purple is also a popular choice.

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends, ash purple gray

K.Will matched the Ash Purple Gray color with a brown jacket, making a fashionable combination that makes you feel that fall is near!

Rose Purple Gray

2021 korea kpop idol hair color trends, rose purple graySource: Naver

Rose Purple Gray has a stronger pink color than Ash Purple Gray and is a color that suits long hair really well.

The natural gradation creates a nice and feminine look.

Before dying your hair this color, keep in mind that it will be very bright!

That's all for our list of the most popular fall hair colors of 2021.

Did you find what color to dye your hair next?

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