7 Whimsical Cherry Blossom Places In Daegu

From a lake park to amusement park, we list the best places in Daegu to enjoy the perfect pink hues of cherry blossoms in spring!

Soobin Cho
2 years ago

Cherry blossoms in kkotbora dongsan (Flower Garden) in Daegu, Spring 2021

When we went on a food trip to Daegu to explore all the deliciousness the city has to offer last fall, a local taxi driver had mentioned to us very proudly that Daegu offers the best cherry blossom sceneries in the country.

With spring just around the corner and the beautiful seasonal colours blooming and brightening up the streets, we knew we had to head over to the city again.

In this blog, we list 7 stunning cherry blossom spots that we visited in Daegu. Be sure to add these to your list if you're planning a spring trip to Daegu in the future!

Ayang Bridge

The view of Ayanggyo (Ayang Bridge) with a cherry blossom tree in front

Public Transit: Dongchon Station Exit 2

You can get off at Ayanggyo Station too, but getting off at Dongchon Station gets you started on the cherry blossom trail that extends all the way to the bridge!

If you travel to Daegu by KTX and get off at Dongdaegu Station, this is a great place to start your cherry blossom journey as it's only 3 subway stops away.

Cherry blossoms overlooking the waters of Ayanggyo Bridge

Unfortunately when we visited, the cherry blossoms had mostly fallen off and some of them were already turning green.

But if you visit when they're in full bloom, every corner of the trail is Insta-worthy!

Ayanggyo Bridge surrounded by cherry blossom trees

The cherry blossom trail along Ayanggyo (Dongchon)

This is the cherry blossom trail that reaches all the way to the bridge.

A close-up of cherry blossoms in Daegu

We could definitely get a glimpse of spring at Ayang Bridge. If you're looking for a nice, breezy walk surrounded by cherry blossoms and water, this is it!

Kyungpook National University

Kyungpook National University campus filled with cherry blossom trees and greenery

대구 북구 대학로 80
80 Daehak-ro, Buk-gu, Daegu

Public Transit:
Take bus #937 from Dongdaegu Station → After 6 stops, get off at Gyeongdae Apartment

Kyungpook National University is known for having the second-largest collection of books in its libraries after Seoul National University!

Among locals, the campus is known for its mesmerizing landscape and of course, cherry blossoms, which makes it perfect for a romantic tour.

Kyungpook National University campus scene with cars in line and cherry blossoms and trees in the back

We entered through Gate 01 where the Global Plaza building is located and you'll see an area occupied by lots of cherry blossom trees right away.

There were lots of students taking photos under the flowers in groups of 2-4!

Cherry blossoms and pink flowers at Kyungpook National University campus

The beauty of the campus made us wonder what life would be like as a KNU student.

Cherry blossoms at Kyungpook National University campus, a close-up

Flower Garden

Kkotbora Dongsan (Flower Garden) in Daegu with cherry blossom trees along the trail and a wooden staircase that leads to the trail

대구 북구 산격동 1384-1
1384-1 Sankyeok-dong, Buk-gu, Daegu

Kkotbora Dongsan (Flower Garden), situated on the banks of Shincheon Stream, is located not too far from KNU.

Kkotbora Dongsan (Flower Garden) trail with cherry blossom trees and green trees on either side

This magnificent public park offers cherry blossom views around its bicycle path and trail, and it is considered one of the key cherry blossom spots in Daegu.

The staircase of Flower Garden in Daegu decorated with cherry blossom wings and paintings of cherry blossoms on the stairs and ground

In 2018, themed photo zones were created where LED lights decorate the stunning flowers, trees and plants once the sun goes down.

Many couples can be seen taking selfies together in front of the nicely lit backgrounds.

You'll also find painted trails and spring-like decorations all around just as in the photo above.


Daegu E-World cherry blossom trees lit up with a red bus in front

대구 달서구 두류공원로 200
200 Duryugongwon-ro, Duryu-dong, Dalseo-gu, Daegu

Hours: Changes seasonally, check for hours here.

Adults: 26,000 won and up
Teens: 16,000 won and up
Children: 15,000 won and up

Purple led lights and cherry blossom trees at Daegu E-World

E-World during cherry blossom season is breathtaking!

They deck up the cherry blossom trees with lights and decors like the big red bus you can see in the photo above.

83 Observatory Tower seen through the purple cherry blossoms at Daegu E-World

You get a whole different view of the 83 Observatory Tower when you look up at it through the cherry blossoms.

You'll also find a garden with blue lights with stars at the end of the cherry blossom trail, which is also magical!

We highly recommend you get the free pass and get a view of the whole amusement park on the cable car too.

Apsan Cafe Street

Apsan Cafe Street on a quiet morning with no traffic or pedestrians

대구 남구 현충로 32
Hyeonchung-ro 32-gil, Daemyeong-dong, Nam-gu, Daegu

Public Transit: Hyeonchungro Station Exit 2

This charming cafe street, just 5 minutes away from Hyeonchungro Station by foot, is where you'll find a cluster of cafes and restaurants.

In the daytime, Apsan Cafe Street is busy with patrons who are stopping by its charming cafes for a cup of coffee and a chat.

In the evening, this area gets filled with hungry locals who are looking to grab a bite to eat. Dining options are wide from traditional Korean to fusion Japanese and Italian.

Whether it's with coffee or food, the cherry blossom views you get through the windows of these venues are alluring!

A photo of a.nook Apsan in Daegu

One of the most popular cafes on the cafe street has to be a.nook.

We visited on our previous cafe trip to Daegu and it is also considered one of the most beautiful cafes to experience cherry blossoms over coffee just as you can see in the photo below!

Suseong Lake

Suseongmot cherry blossom trail with two women walking ahead

Public Transit: Suseongmot Station Exit 1

A cherry blossom trail at Suseongmot with duck boats on the water on the right

The long trail that goes around the lake is a beloved place among Daegu locals for a quiet walk and exercise.

The trail gets surrounded left and right by arrays of cherry blossoms come spring, which makes the walk around the lake park even more marvelous.

Pedestrians walking the cherry blossom trail at Suseongmot, Daegu

There are lots of cute cafes and brunch spots along the trail, so if you're feeling for a snack or drinks, you'll definitely not be short of options.

When we visited, we saw lots of couples and families who were having a relaxing time while walking and chatting on the trail.

카페 엘아이티

Cafe LIT in Daegu, the first floor with the window looking out to the main gate

Address: 대구 중구 달구벌대로447길 64
64 Dalgubeol-daero 447-gil, Samdeokdong 3(sam)-ga, Jung-gu, Daegu

Hours: 12:00-22:00

Public Transit: Kyungpook National University Hospital Station Exit 4

Unfortunately when we visited, the cherry blossoms had already fallen off and the tree had turned green!

When the cherry blossoms bloom, the cafe looks like the photo below. Isn't it stunning?

This cafe also functions as a furniture showroom so all the furniture you'll see inside is delicately made design furniture!

The overall atmosphere of LIT is calm and relaxing, each room offering a cozy space.

Cafe LIT in Daegu's iced americano and famous strawberry cake on a wooden table

Their strawberry cake (7,000 won) is highly recommended! The cream of the cake is especially smooth and complements the moist cake layers and strawberries well.

Overall, it was one of the best cherry blossom trips we've had in Korea!

Not only is Daegu a worthy place to visit for cherry blossoms, the city offers a lot more from food, cafes, nature and fun activities.

We hope you enjoy the city as much as we did when you visit!

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